How To Install Digital Thermostat Controller On Thermosolar Solar Water Heating?

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How to Install a Solar Water Monitor?

Welcome to our tutorial on how to install a solar water monitor. The device on the video comes with a 20-meter lead with a probe on it, which we will install onto a water tank. The idea is to always monitor the amount of hot water available in the tank.

This setup involves two tanks instead of one large tank, ensuring there's always hot water in the morning. If you use part of your hot water in the evening, filling the tank back up with cold water can mean that you wake up to lukewarm water. By having two separate tanks, we can transfer water from one tank to another, ensuring we always have hot water from the previous night.


We tried to be concise and give brief information on this guide, so we would recommend you watch our video since we're showing you how easily you can install a solar water monitor.

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Installation & Important Tips

First, install the sensor in the required room and then run the cable through to the tank. For this guide, we've threaded the cable up from the bathroom and installed the monitor above the bathroom door.

We now need to insert the probe into the tank. Different tank manufacturers may have slightly different designs. This particular tank has an inspection hatch on the left-hand side, where the heater is usually fitted.

If you have a solar system, it's recommended to change the glycol once every five years and inspect the anode, which prevents electrolysis in the tank and corrosion. It's worth replacing them every few years.

Before beginning, make sure any electrical systems are safely turned off. Once the inspection cover is off, you can see where the anode is fitted. The water inside the tank will be quite hot, so be careful.

If you have a hole available, insert the probe there and thread it through the cover plate. This will give you an accurate reading of the water temperature in the middle of the tank. Please note that the temperature at the top of the tank will be slightly higher.

If you don't have a hole available, you can insert a screwdriver into the insulation foam and make a slot. Insert the probe into this slot, making sure it's as close to the inner part of the tank as possible for an accurate reading.



In Case of an Electrical System

If you have an electrical system, you'll have a heating element for emergencies in winter and a thermostat. If there's no heating system, you can remove the thermostat and thread the sensor lead through the hole, which should go into the middle of the tank.

This method gives a very accurate reading of the tank's temperature. If a heating system is fitted and no additional holes are available, please create a small hole in the insulation as described earlier.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Regular maintenance and repairs can significantly extend the lifespan of your appliances. Always disconnect the appliance from the power supply before starting any repair work. Thanks for reading!


Please remember that the whole video includes step-by-step and detailed explanations, which may help you reduce your repair time.



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1. How To Install Digital Thermostat Controller On Thermosolar Solar Water Heating?

1. How To Install Digital Thermostat Controller On Thermosolar Solar Water Heating?

2. Explaining the Heat Water Electricity System

2. Explaining the Heat Water Electricity System

3. Reaching the Solar Water Tank

3. Reaching the Solar Water Tank

4. Showing the Used Anode

4. Showing the Used Anode

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