How To Remove Cooker Oven Door For Cleaning on Candy, Hoover, Kelvinator & Rosieres

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Comprehensive Guide on How to Clean Oven Door Glass

In this guide, we will teach you how to remove an oven door for cleaning purposes and how to replace the hinges if necessary. We will be working on a Candy oven, which shares similarities with Hoover, Kelvinator, and Rosieres models.


Here are 4 benefits of cleaning your oven door glass:

  1. Monitor Cooking: A clear glass door lets you see your food without opening the oven, preventing heat loss and uneven cooking.
  2. Save Energy: Less peeking means the oven maintains temperature, reducing energy use.
  3. Enhanced Appearance: A clean door keeps your oven looking sleek and modern in your kitchen.
  4. Safer Cooking: Avoiding burnt spills and residues can minimize smoke and potential fire hazards.


We would recommend you watch our video since we're showing how easily you can remove your oven's door.


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This particular hinge system uses a pin mechanism where a pin is inserted into the hinges to lock them. As shown in the video, this pin locks the hinge in place, allowing it to detach from the oven's body, enabling you to lift the door as the hinge comes out. Note that other manufacturers may use different hinge systems, and you can visit our website to understand how these other hinge systems are removed.

To start, we need to remove the two screws at the top of the door. Make sure the glass is facing upwards with the exterior of the door facing up. Once the screws are out, you can carefully lift the door off. Sometimes, due to grease and dirt buildup, this may be difficult. The glass then slides towards you out of its retaining clip at the bottom.

Now that we have disassembled the door for cleaning, let's focus on the hinges. There is one screw on either side that goes into the hinge, which you need to undo to remove the hinges. If you need to change them, ensure you decompress the spring and remove the pin before undoing the screw.

After cleaning the glass, use a paper towel with some glass cleaner to remove any remaining smudges from your fingers. Proper cleaning will remove the grime and make the glass crystal clear for when you reinstall it into the oven.

Next, locate the handle and ensure it locks into place correctly. Then, locate the two screw holes and put the screws back in. If you have a different type of hinge system, you can find all our tutorials on the website.

When reinstalling the door, it is crucial to hold onto the door until you've tested that the hinges are locked into place. Slide the door in and give it a little shake. It should lock into place onto their location lugs. Remove the pins while holding onto the door, then open and close the door a couple of times to ensure it is correctly located. This precaution prevents any damage to the door.

By following these steps, you can successfully remove your oven's door. Remember, you can watch our video to avoid any potential problems.


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1. How To Remove Cooker Oven Door For Cleaning on Candy, Hoover, Kelvinator & Rosieres

1. How To Remove Cooker Oven Door For Cleaning on Candy, Hoover, Kelvinator & Rosieres

2. Removing the 2 Screws From The Panel

2. Removing the 2 Screws From The Panel

3. Cleaning the Glass with the Paper Towel

3. Cleaning the Glass with the Paper Towel

4. Replacing the Door Back

4. Replacing the Door Back

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