How To Repair Your Dyson DC04 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner Units? | Housing Unit, Leads & Cap Replacement

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Repairing the Lead & Other Units on Your Dyson DC04 Vacuum Cleaner

In this repair guide, we will explain how to repair the lead on your Dyson DC04 vacuum cleaner. We aim to provide you with step-by-step instructions that will make the process easy and efficient. Please remember that all repairs should be conducted by a qualified engineer and the vacuum cleaner should be disconnected from the electricity supply before starting.


Please remember that, when working with any electrical appliances, safety should always be your top priority, and we also suggest you watch our video.


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Identifying the Problem & Changing the Parts of Dyson DC04 Vacuum Cleaner

Over time, your Dyson vacuum cleaner's lead may cause metal fatigue. This issue is common and can also cause the vacuum to work intermittently. The fatigue happens within the wire itself, leading to a breakage.

The first step of the repair process is to remove the entire wire that is attached to the switch unit. To do this, you will have to take out the switch unit. We recommend using a specially fabricated tool for removing the switch button situated at the top of the unit. A small screwdriver with a slight bend can be used to undo the release catch located at the back of the switch.

Underneath the switch button, you will find the switch and its cover. The cover is held in place with a star drive screw, which can be removed with a standard star drive tool. Once you remove the screw, you can lift the housing upward, revealing the wiring from the cable attached to the switch and the main wiring loom.

Carefully unclip or disconnect the cable from the housing. It is critical to remember how the unit was assembled, as this will make the reassembly process smoother.

The cable, which comes as a standard kit, will need to be replaced. It is a relatively affordable part, typically costing around £15. The switch button, which is commonly broken during disassembly, can also be replaced for only £2.50.

When reassembling, ensure all the wiring is fitted exactly as it was before. The housing unit should slide back into the Dyson vacuum slot with ease. If there is any problem, double-check the assembly, as the unit may not have been put back together correctly.

Once the housing is back in place, you will need to replace the screw and then the switch button. Make sure to check if the button is working correctly before proceeding.

Before finishing the work, you might want to check some other parts that could need replacing. The switch button and the housing unit are both inexpensive, costing around £2 to £3 each. If the switch has burnt out, it can be replaced for about £3.50.


If you're not familiar with how to replace the Dyson DC04 parts, we recommend you watch our video thoroughly.


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How To Repair Your Dyson DC04 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner Units? | Housing Unit, Leads & Cap Replacement

How To Repair Your Dyson DC04 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner Units? | Housing Unit, Leads & Cap Replacement

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