How To Replace & Fit Bosch Washing Machine Carbon Brusher? | Philco, Neff, Miele & Siemens Washing Machine

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Replacing Carbon Brusher in Hotpoint Washing Machine Motor

In this detailed repair guide, we will explain how to replace the carbon brusher in your washing machine. This tutorial is applicable to several models, including Bosch, Philco, Neff, Miele, Siemens, and some early models of Hoover CESET, ZEM, C.E.SET, and FHP type motors.


We show you where the brushes are held within the motor in the video, and we recommend you watch it thoroughly.


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Removing the Motor & the Carbon Brusher From Hotpoint Washing Machine

The first step is to identify where the carbon brusher are located in the motor. You will find one carbon brush on each side. There are two wires with spade connectors attached to each brush, which you should remove. Retaining clips hold some connectors in place, and you need to slightly depress them to remove the connectors.

To remove the brush, you can move it up slightly using a pair of thin-nose pliers. Then you will need to line up the location slot on the brush with the actual bracket, and then you will be able to remove the brush. Pay attention to the brush's angle when you remove it, because you will need to reinsert it in the same orientation.



Inserting the New Carbon Brush to Hotpoint Washing Machine

You will notice that the old brushes are very worn compared to the new ones. The ends of the worn brushes are often very black and not shiny. This clearly indicates that the brushes have worn beyond their acceptable level and need replacement.

Inserting the new carbon brush can be a bit fiddly. You should align the end of the brush with the clip at the top of the holder. Once you have the clip in place, line up the location lug, move the brush down into its locked position, and attach the wire to the brush.

Once you've replaced the carbon brush, check that they are fitting correctly onto the armature. You can now proceed to refit the motor back into the washing machine.


Please remember that our video includes step-by-step and detailed explanations, which may help you reduce your repair time.



If you need any parts for your washing machine carbon brush, you can find them on our site.


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How To Replace & Fit Bosch Washing Machine Carbon Brushes? | Philco, Neff, Miele & Siemens Washing Machine

How To Replace & Fit Bosch Washing Machine Carbon Brusher? | Philco, Neff, Miele & Siemens Washing Machine

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