How to Use Solax Solar Energy To Have 99% Eco-Friendly Business Shops?

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How to Transform Your Shop and Apartments into Solar-Powered, Eco-Friendly Spaces?

Welcome to our guide on how to convert your shop and apartments into environmentally friendly spaces using solar energy. In this guide, we will walk you through the monitoring system we've established in our shop and two apartments, demonstrating how we've made our spaces eco-friendly while maintaining efficiency. Using solar power panels will reduce your carbon footprint, and you can have a positive impact on future generations.


We tried to be concise and give brief information on this guide, on the other hand, the following statements are based on the graphs in the video. That's why we would recommend you watch it, since we're explaining Solax cloud in detail.

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Monitoring Solar Power Production and Consumption

Our solar power monitoring system graphically displays the daily power production. We have installed 12.6 kilowatts of batteries and 5 kilowatts of solar panels. However, the system has the capacity to expand to roughly ten kilowatts of solar panels and 25 kilowatts of batteries. We've built our system based on our needs, eliminating unnecessary excesses.

The graph on the video shows different days and the power produced each day. The orange denotes solar power, while the green represents consumption. When the graph dips below the line, it signifies that we're drawing power from the grid. For instance, on one particular day, we were pulling 3.4 to 3.5 kilowatts from the grid. However, as our battery banks were full, our solar array began to shut down. This is because we've set our system not to export energy to the grid, a requirement in Portugal.

We suggest you watch our video since it is worth watching to get the necessary information about the power produced each day.



Monitoring Battery Capacity

Our dark green graph represents the battery capacity. The orange shows the Photovoltaic (PV) power. On a particular day, by around noon, we reached our lithium-ion batteries' float capacity, which is about 94 to 95 percent. As the sun set, the power started being drawn from the batteries.

On a day with poor sunlight, we had low solar power, and our battery banks were depleted, causing us to draw from the local supplier. The next day, even with the sun, the batteries only charged to about 50 percent due to the overcast weather.



Real-Time Power Monitoring

Our real-time graph shows the current power status. For example, we might have 1,500 watts of power going into the inverter, with 782 watts charging the batteries. The house symbol represents the property's power draw.

We can also monitor the grid power, although we're set not to export to the grid. The grid power is continuously monitored to keep the phases balanced and to understand the incoming building's electricity supply. The inverter stays in sync with the grid, knowing the grid voltage and frequency.

Please watch the video to observe all the crucial aspects.



It's Time To Install Solar Power for Your Shop and Laundry Business

Are you ready to make your business more sustainable and cost-efficient? It's time to consider converting your shop and laundry into solar-powered, environmentally friendly spaces. Not only does this transformation reduce your carbon footprint, but it also significantly lowers your energy costs.

By adopting solar power systems like the ones we've implemented in our shop and apartments, you can maintain efficiency while promoting sustainability. This involves installing solar panels and batteries tailored to your specific needs, eliminating any unnecessary excesses.

We use Solax power monitoring system and it allows you to keep track of your daily power production and consumption. You'll be able to see when you're drawing power from the grid and when your solar panels are fueling your business.

Solax portal also offers a real-time graph showing the current power status, including the power going into the inverter, the amount charging the batteries, and the property's power draw. This information keeps you informed and in control of your energy usage.



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2. Solax Battery System Explained

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