Indesit Washing Machine Drum Bearing Replacing | How To Replace Drum Support or Spider?

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Changing the Bearings in an Indesit Washing Machine

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to replace the bearings in a washing machine. This guide is applicable for Indesit washing machine WF series, WM series, and other models including Hotpoint, Creda, Ariston, and General Electric.


We would recommend you watch our video since we're showing you how easily you can fix your Indesit washing machine drum bearing.

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Before we start, ensure that the appliance is unplugged from the electricity supply for safety.



Inspecting and Cleaning the Drum Shaft

Start with a close inspection of the drum. The seal sits onto the shaft of the drum. If there is any corrosion or residue left on the shaft, it needs cleaning. However, avoid using sandpaper as it can damage the shaft collar and subsequently harm the new seal when fitted. If the shaft is highly corroded, you will need to replace the drum support or the spider, along with the bearings.

Bearings come in different sizes, but if you're buying a kit, the size will be suitable for the drum. Over the years, three different shaft sizes have been used - 30mm, 35mm, and another popular one. We provide both bearing kits and spiders, available separately or as a kit.



Removing & Installing the Spider

When trying to remove the screws that secure the spider to the drum, you might encounter some difficulties due to rust. The screws could shear, making it challenging to separate the drum. In such cases, we recommend drilling out the screws from the spider and then fitting new screws when installing the new spider. However, if the screws come out without any issues, it's still a good idea to replace them for a better fit.

For drilling out the screws, use a power drill with high-speed bits. Start with a pilot hole before using a larger drill bit to remove the screw head. Once the screws are removed, use a flat-bladed screwdriver to pry the spider up.

Finally, you can line up the new spider with the holes and tap it into place using the back end of a hammer. It's beneficial to insert the three screws first loosely before tightening them, to ensure they line up correctly with the holes. After all the screws are inserted, tighten them up. They need to be hand-tight, then give them an additional quarter to half a turn for a secure fit.


Please remember that our video includes step-by-step and detailed explanations, which may help you reduce your repair time.



If you need any parts for your washing machine bearing, you can find them on our site.


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How to replace Indesit Washing Machine Drum Support or Spider How to Fit & Change

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