Screwfix Titan TTB280DHR Concrete Breaker Hammer Drill Sparking & Intermittently Starting

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How to Repair a Titan TTB280DRH Hammer Drill

Welcome to our guide on how to repair a Titan Hammer Drill. This guide was inspired by a friend's experience; he complained about his drill's intermittent operation. Sometimes it would start, sometimes not. He also noticed a lot of sparking from the motor.


We would recommend you watch our video since we're showing how easily you can fix your Screwfix Titan concrete breaker.


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Common Faults in Power Tools

Power tools often have two common faults. The first is that the power lead may have broken inside the cable. This issue can occur with many power tools and can cause intermittent operation. The second common fault, particularly if there is a lot of sparking coming from the motor, is typically due to the carbon brushes. This guide will show you how to replace the carbon brushes in a Titan drill from Screwfix, but it is also applicable for Erbauer ERB150D and ERB567DHR models.



Removing & Replacing Carbon Brushes on Titan Hammer Drills

In the Titan drill, there are two covers that protect the motor's carbon brush holders. If you notice sparking from the motor, you will need to unscrew and remove these two covers. Hidden behind these covers are the carbon brushes.

To remove the carbon brushes, unscrew them counterclockwise. Use a small hook nose screwdriver to pry them out. In some cases, you may find that the wire has detached from the carbon brush, or the brush itself may be severely worn out.

When comparing a worn-out brush to a new one, you'll notice that the old brush only has around four or five millimeters left, while the new one is about one and a half to two centimeters long. The old brush may also have a charcoal-like effect at the tip, indicating it has been burned on the armature.

To replace the brushes, note that there are two location lugs on either side of the new brush. These fit into the holders at the top and bottom. Slide the new carbon brush in, making sure it moves freely in the holder. Sometimes, if there's burn damage, the brush might stick. Once you've installed the brush, put the cover back on and screw it up. If you feel any resistance, it might be because the lugs aren't locating properly.

Repeat this process for the other carbon brush. Once both brushes are replaced, you should notice an immediate improvement in the operation of your drill.

Remember, if you have an intermittent drill or any type of corded drill, one of the most common problems is the cords. Over a few years, they can become metal fatigued and can break the cable internally.

So there you have it, a quick and simple fix that costs less than 10 pounds and saves you from throwing away a perfectly good drill.


By following these steps, you can successfully remove and replace your Titan shank electrical breaker's carbon brush. Remember, you can watch our video to avoid any potential problems.


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1. Screwfix Titan TTB280DHR Concrete Breaker Hammer Drill Sparking & Intermittently Starting

1. Screwfix Titan TTB280DHR Concrete Breaker Hammer Drill Sparking & Intermittently Starting

2. Removing & Replacing Carbon Brushes on Titan Hammer Drills

2. Removing & Replacing Carbon Brushes on Titan Hammer Drills

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