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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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Our Solar Solutions are great to save you money and improve our environment when things are fitted correctly our products and videos will not only how to install the systems but will also show you how to get the maximum out of this free energy.

To get the best results out of solar it is beneficial to have a combination of solar water and solar power as most household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher) use 80% of their electrical consumption heating the water if hot water is supplied to the appliance the savings are huge.

Paul's Solar Solutions

Top tips
Save money on your Fridge freezer
Never keep your freezer empty. If you have a front opening freezer and it is only half full then every time you open the door the air falls out and warm air replaces it.
Fill the empty space with water bottles that are ¾ full
Save money on your Dishwasher and washing machine
If you have a solar water system
Make sure that your appliances are using this water. The average distance between the hot water tank and say the washing machine is 8 m and those pipes are normally cold until you use the water, by the time the appliance fills with water you may have only just put a drop of hot into the machine so it’s worth fitting a circulation system to you hot water so that the appliance always have hot water next to them.
Did you know that the average washing machine load costs 26 pence per wash!
But if the water is already hot this comes down to 7 pence per load
1 wash per day. Yearly cost £94.90
Cost with using your hot water correctly £25.55
This is a huge saving £69.35 and that’s only on 1 appliance

Make sure you are getting the most out of your solar water systems plumb them in correctly


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  • 1kW Plug in Solar Panel Kit

    Plug-in Solar Panel Quad Kit - 1kW 4 x 250W Solar Panels 2 x Enecsys 480-60 Duo Microinverters 1 x 13A Mains Lead (5M) 1 x 2M Extension Cable 1 x Distribution Unit & End Cap 1 x RCD Protected Plug 8 x Freestanding TricF Frames

  • Air-conditioning meter for holiday apartments and villas

    This Air-conditioning meter is the perfect solution for landlords who have excessively large electrical bills due to tenants leaving the air-conditioning on when they are staying at apartments or villas on holiday. You can pre load the meter to an amount of credit for your tenants stay, and if they use all the credit up before for the end of their stay they are able to add more them self’s. Credit is displayed on the unit so that the user can see at all times the remaining credit.
    The owners will have access to the meter so that for their own use they will be able to override the coin slots and add credit or remove credit manually.   
    These meters can be programmed for regional rates of electricity and can, in some cases, be programmed for individual needs.
  • 150 LT Thermo-siphon solar water heater

    The solar panels are German Engineered, Build Quality to last, with a Life Expectancy of 35+ Years , 10 year warranty and German built quality
  • 300 LT Thermo-siphon solar water heater

    The solar panels are German Engineered, Build Quality to last, with a Life Expectancy of 35+ Years , 10 year warranty and German built quality
  • ego smart Wi-Fi socket

    ego smart Wi-Fi socket The ego allows you to switch appliances and monitor the energy consumption of any appliance from your smartphone ...and much more. *Compatible with Android and iPhone. This product is not compatible with any Windows devices (tablets,PC or smart phone).

5 Item(s)