Energy Regulator for Cooker



Quality replacement energy regulator for your AEG cooker.
Energy Regulator 33ER3MHT


  • 3215V-D
  • 3215V-W


  • ESI525B
  • ESI525W
  • SIE505SSE
  • ZCE7200W


  • 3215V-D
  • 3215V-W


  • 2100C
  • 259OS
  • ATB3510
  • ATB3511
  • ATB3520
  • ATB3521
  • SB420BTS
  • SB420WNA
  • SB422B (FANFARE)
  • SB422W (FANFARE)
  • SB430BNA
  • SB430BTS
  • SB430WNA
  • SB460BNA
  • SI320
  • SI4023


  • ZCE7200W
  • ZCE7300W
  • ZCE7300W ED.2
  • ZCE7350BL
  • ZCE7350G
  • ZCE7400B
  • ZCE7400W
  • ZCE7600B
  • ZCE7600W
  • ZCE7700C
  • ZCE7700G


Sorry we do not have repair guide for this part at this moment. But we have many videos to help you change your cooker & oven energy regulator and other videos on all types of washing machine repairs.
How to replace a cooker & oven energy regulator
These are just some examples of how to replace an energy regulator on your cooker or oven.

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An energy regulator is a relatively easy part to fit. Find out more about cooker & oven energy regulators below:
Cooker & oven energy regulator also known as: Regulator Switch, Selector Switch, Energy Regulator Switch
If you need help fitting your cooker or oven energy regulator, See our repair guides. 
Please make sure you are ordering the correct energy regulator for your cooker or oven. Your model number will be listed in the models tab. 
If you are unsure please contact us with your cooker or oven model number and we will check it for you. Contact us with full model number and serial number of the ID plate 
How to Replace cooker & oven energy regulators
An energy regulator (or simmerstat) is an "infinite switch" that controls the temperature of a "burner" or ring on the hob, as well as being used for controlling the grill of an electric stove or cooker. f your cooker or oven is no longer regulating the correct temperature to these, it´s time to replace it for a new one