Universal Oven Thermostat

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This oven thermostat will fit a wide range of cooker and built in oven models and a vast range of makes We use universal thermostats in the field to save carrying a lot of different ones that are, in effect, all the same thing as well as a lot of money as these are often considerably cheaper than the manufacturer's own spare part. If you are in any way unsure or don't know what we're talking about with temperature ranges etc. we would suggest that you get in a professional to do this for you. The two things that are really important when using a compatible thermostat are the thermostat's temperature range and the offset for the control knob that fits to it, in other words, where the flat of the shaft lies when the thermostat is set to the off position. So long as you get these two correct then you should not have a problem replacing a genuine oven or cooker thermostat with either this thermostat 14TS32 or 14TS36. This thermostat will usually fit ovens with a range that goes beyond 250˚C so you will usually see the range going to 275˚C or higher. Although this oven thermostat does go as high as 320˚C you would not normally use that high a temperature nn your oven temperature control knob. When fitting the replacement thermostat you do need to be careful of what is known as the phial, the long wire that leads to the actual temperature probe. You cannot bend this too much, kink it or cut it. If you do, the thermostat is rendered useless and this is not covered by warranty. If you have any excess it can be coiled within the oven carcass quite easily out of the way. The important thing is that the tip of the phial, the probe, is sited correctly and reads the oven temperature properly. Failure to do this can cause incorrect temperature readings. For the most part however, despite the caveats, these thermostats are very easy to fit and are often more or less a direct replacement at a fraction of the cost of some genuine ones and, they are often identical to the original thermostat used. Technical Details Oven Thermostat 50°C-300°C Single pole 50°C-300°C Temperature Range Sensor 3.1mm x 160mm (approx) Capillary length 1000mm (approx) To fit most continental ovens, 2 hole fixing 300˚C
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  • 2 HOLE FIXING 300˚C


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