Washing Machine Carbon Brushes-Hoover

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Genuine replacement carbon brush to fit Hoover models of washing machine and washer dryer. Type: Logic Carbon brush logic motor THIS IS A GENUINE HOOVER PRODUCT


  • A0093 001
  • A0095 001
  • A0113 001
  • A0115 001
  • A0123 001
  • A0125 001
  • A1080
  • A1081
  • A1100
  • A1101
  • A1105 001
  • A1106 001
  • A1110
  • A1111
  • A1112
  • A1113 001
  • A1115 001
  • A1116 001
  • A1120
  • A1121
  • A1123 001
  • A1125 001
  • A1126 001
  • A1130 001
  • A1137 103
  • A2100


We have many videos to help you change your washing machine motor carbon brushes and other videos on all types of washing machine repairs.

These are just some examples of how to replace motor carbon brushes on different types of washing machine.

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To take out a motor on a washing machine might sound scary, but it’s a surprisingly easy to replace and then fit the carbon brushes. Find out more about washing machine carbon brushes below:
If you need help fitting your washing machine motor carbon brushes, See our repair guides.
Please make sure you are ordering the correct motor carbon brushes for your washing machine. Your model number will be listed in the models tab. 
If you are unsure please contact us with your washing machine model number and motor type, as on some makes of machines they have fitted different motors, so we can check it for you. Contact us with full model number and serial number of the ID plate 
Common symptoms for washing machine worn motor carbon brushes:
- Washing machine drum´s not turning;
- Washing machine not turning during the wash cycle;
- Washing machine not spinning;
- Washing machine is filling with water but the drum is not turning.