Washing Machine Drum Lifter

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Genuine replacement drum lifter for your Beko washing machine.


Sorry we do not have the exact repair guide for this drum paddle at this moment.

We have many videos to help you change your washing machine drum paddles and other videos on all types of washing machine repairs. 

This is just an example of one video on how to replace a drum paddle on your washing machine.
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This Drum Paddle is an easy to fit replacement part. It will ensure that your Washing Machine continues to wash at its optimal performance, producing cleaner clothes. Find out more about drum paddles below:

Washing machine drum paddle also known as: Drum lifter, drum Paddle Lifter, tub paddle, tub lifter

If you need help fitting your washing machine drum paddle. See our repair guides.

Please make sure you are ordering the correct drum paddle for your Washing machine.

Your model number will be listed in the models tab.

If you are unsure please contact us with your washing machine model number and we will check it for you.

Contact us with full model number and serial number of the ID plate


What does the washing machine drum paddle do?

The drum paddle or drum lifter in your washing machine is a triangular prism shaped piece of plastic or metal, with holes in it or not. It fits on the inside of the drum where you place your clothes. There are typically 3 or 4 in the machine, and they are the raised attachments that can scoop up water when the drum is turning and drop the water when at the top, also they are designed to agitate the clothes while the drum is turning,

Reasons the drum paddles fail. There are a number of factors that can cause a drum lifter to break. People washing trainers are a common fault, over loading the tub, metal items on clothes can cause them to crack ETC, and it is due to misplaced items being put into the machine

The following faults typically indicate a problem with the drum paddle:


  • One of the paddles has come out in the washing machine
  • The drum paddle has smashed or cracked
  • Your clothes are getting ripped during the wash.

*Remember that a broken drum paddle may not be the only fault that can cause these issues to arise. You need to check the drum for damage as well.

Make sure that you order the correct drum paddle for your model of washing machine. Colours tend to vary, but this does not matter.

How to replace a washing machine drum paddle

It's relatively easy to change the drum lifters on most machines. Sometimes instructions vary depending on the make and model: see our videos as well