Washing Machine Bearing Housing



Genuine replacement bearing housing for your Frigidaire washing machine.


  • BFWM16SL
  • BFWM16W


  • AW1600


  • WA120P
  • WA1282
  • WA132P
  • WA141P
  • WA1582
  • WA162
  • WA162AL


Sorry we do not have the exact repair guide for this drum spider at this moment.

We have many videos to help you change your washing machine drum spider and other videos on all types of washing machine repairs. 

This is just an example of one video on how to replace a drum spider on your washing machine.
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This Drum Spider spare part of all repairs on washing machine can be one of the most difficult to be successfully completed, as this requires a complete strip down of the machine. Find out more about drum spiders below:

Washing machine drum spider also known as: shaft spider, drum spider, tub shaft spider or cross piece support.
If you need help fitting your washing machine drum spider. See our repair guides.
Please make sure you are ordering the correct drum spider for your Washing machine.
Your model number will be listed in the models tab.
If you are unsure please contact us with your washing machine model number and we will check it for you.

What does the washing machine drum spider do?

The inner drum of the washing machine is a stainless steel part in which you put the clothes. On the back of that there is a spider and a shaft, That shaft slides into the bearings there is normally a seal that can fail over time and let´s water get into to the bearings causing them to corrode.

Reasons the drum spider fails.

There are a number of factors that can cause the drum spider to break. Either by over loading the washing machine tub or due to corrosion on the aluminum part of the spider.

The following faults typically indicate a problem with the drum spider, If you are experiencing a loud rumbling or roaring sound in the spin cycle, even when the machine is empty;

*Remember that broken drum spiders may not be the only fault that can cause these issues to arise. You need to check the drum bearings for damage as well.