Washing Machine Door Seal



Genuine replacement door seal that fits various Candy & Hoover models of washing machine.


  • GO4 106-01
  • GO4 85-01
  • GO4086-01
  • GO4105-16S
  • GO41064D-16S
  • GO4106TXT-07


  • DYN 8123D337
  • DYN 8124D-17
  • DYN 8124D-18S
  • DYN 8124D-37
  • DYN 8124D/L1-80
  • DYN 8124D3P30
  • DYN 8124DL-37
  • DYN 8124DZ-30
  • DYN 8125DS
  • DYN 8144D L-80
  • DYN 8144DB 2-80
  • DYN 8145D/1S
  • DYN 8154D1BX1-8
  • DYN 8164D1-80
  • DYN 8164D2X1-80
  • DYN 9124D3P30
  • DYN 9125DZG30
  • DYN 9143DP84
  • DYN8124D-80
  • DYN8144D-80
  • DYN8144D1X/1-80
  • DYN8144DB-80
  • DYN8164D-80
  • DYN8164DL-80
  • DYN8164DL1-80
  • DYN8164DS-80
  • DYNS 8105D30
  • DYNS 8126PGS
  • DYNS7144D1S/1-8
  • DYNS7144D1X/1-8
  • OPH147/2-80
  • OPH148-80
  • OPH714D/2-80
  • OPH714D2-80
  • OPH714DS/2-8
  • OPHS 612 L-80
  • OPHS 712B L1-80
  • OPHS612-80
  • OPHS612/1-8
  • OPHS712DF-80
  • OPHS712DF/L-80
  • VHD 147A/1
  • VHD 148A L-80
  • VHD148A
  • VHD822/1-80
  • VHD840
  • VHD842/1-80
  • VHDS609-30
  • VHDS6113D-30
  • VHDS6123PD
  • VT 810D11S
  • VT 816D22-80
  • VT 816D22/1-80
  • VT 816D22X/1-80
  • VTS 712D21-80
  • VTS 712D21B-80
  • VTS 712D21S-80
  • VTS 715D21X1-80
  • WMH 168D-80
  • WMH147DF-80
  • WMH147DF/1-80
  • WMH148DF
  • WMH148DF-80
  • WMH148DF/L-80


We have many videos to help you change your washing machine door seal and other videos on all types of washing machine repairs.

How to replace a washing machine seal or gasket

These are just some examples of how to replace the door seal/gasket on your washing machine.


We have many more washing machine door seal replacement fitting videos in our tutorial guides

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This washing machine door seal it´s a relatively easy part to fit. Find out more about washing machine door seals below:
Door Seal Gasket, also known as: Door Boot, Door Rubber, Door Gasket, Door Bellows, Door Hood, TSG, Rubber Seal.
If you need help fitting your washing machine door seal, See our repair guides.
Please make sure you are ordering the correct door seal for your washing machine.
Your model number will be listed in the models tab. If you are unsure please contact us with your washing machine model number and we will check it for you. Contact us with full model number and serial number of the ID plate 

Reasons why you have to replace your washing machine door seal:
If your washing machine is leaking from the front of the door, or the door seal is torn, warped or damaged, or mold has built up at the bottom of the seal and it's beyond cleaning, it´s time to replace it for a new one.