Whirlpool & Maytag 6th Sense Washing Machine Error Codes & Fault

Whirlpool & Maytag Washing Machine 6th Sense Error Codes

In this comprehensive workshop manual, which features error codes for Whirlpool and Maytag, we specifically explain double-digit codes.

We are proud to have a workshop manual for the Whirlpool 6 Sense washing machine that includes a full list of error codes and diagnostic procedures.

This guide will provide a quick overview of each error code, with links to relevant videos to assist you in repairing your washing machine.

Although our aim is to guide you through the address common errors to assist with any future issues in this guide, we would recommend you watch the whole video to learn each step in detail.


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F0 E5 Error Code

The F0 E5 error code indicates an imbalanced load, which may cause problems with the spinning of the machine. This imbalance is often caused by a large amount of clothing, such as towels or other large items, accumulating on one side of the drum.


F1 E1 Error Code

The F1 E1 error code is a heating fault, which can be due to a faulty element or a problem with the connections between the element and the printed circuit board.


F3 E2 Error Code

The F3 E2 error code usually indicates a broken wire or a bad connection. Check the connections to and from the pressure switch and on the pump side. Run tests on the pump and follow the rest of the testing procedure displayed on the screen.


F3 E3 Error Code

The F3 E3 error code signifies another heating fault, this time related to the NTC sensor. Check the wiring going to the NTC sensor from the circuit board and ensure that the NTC sensor is operating correctly.


F4 E2 Error Code

The F4 E2 error code relates to the heating system, suggesting a problem with the NTC sensor or the wiring from the circuit board to the NTC sensor. There may also be an earthing problem.


F4 E3 Error Code

The F4 E3 error code again relates to the heating system. Check the wiring, the element, and the circuit board connections.


F4 E4 Error Code

The F4 E4 error code represents another heating fault, suggesting an Earth leakage on the element itself. Follow the previous checks conducted for the other error codes.


F5 E2 Error Code

The F5 E2 error code indicates a door lock fault or door wiring fault. This could also be the triac on the circuit board itself. Inspect the wiring, the door lock, and all the connections.


F5 E3 Error Code

The F5 E3 error code suggests a door lock problem where the door is not opening. This could be due to power reaching the door lock when it shouldn't be, which may indicate a fault with the circuit board. Check all the components around the connection point on the printed circuit board. There may also be a problem with the door interlock itself or the wiring from the door lock to the printed circuit board.


F6 E1 Error Code

The F6 E1 error code is a communications fault, usually due to bad connections.


F6 E2 Error Code

The F6 E2 error code signifies a communication problem. The issue could be due to faulty connections or a corrupted circuit board, similar to the previous error code.


F6 E3 Error Code

The F6 E3 error code also denotes a communication fault. In this case, the issue lies either in the cabling between the boards or in the circuit board itself, which could be corrupted and may require replacing.


F7 E1 Error Code

The F7 E1 error code suggests a fault with the motor, the PCB, or the wiring to the motor. The issue appears to be a tachometer fault on the motor, which counts the RPM of the motor and sends the information to the circuit board.


F7 E2 Error Code

The F7 E2 error code indicates an MCU fault (MCU is an intelligent semiconductor IC that consists of a processor unit, memory modules, communication interfaces and peripherals.). Basic tests should be conducted on the motor and the harness. Alternatively, there could be a problem with the circuit board.


F7 E8 Error Code

The F7 E8 error code reveals that the motor is overheating. This could be due to an overloaded drum.


F7 E9 Error Code

The F7 E9 error code suggests that the motor is not moving or there is a motor fault. The motor should be bench tested separately off the machine to determine if it is functioning well.


F7 EA Error Code

The F7 EA error code indicates that one of the fields of the three-phase motor is disconnected. Testing should be performed on the three phases of the motor, and the wires going through the motor should be in good condition.


F7 EC Error Code

The F7 EC error code signifies a motor overload. As with previous motor errors, ensure that the machine is not overloaded and follow the checks for testing the motor.


F8 E1 Error Code

The F8 E1 error code suggests that the machine is unable to fill in the allocated period of time. Check your water supply going to the water valves on the washing machine. Also, ensure that there are no kinks in the pipe restricting the flow when the machine is pushed back in. Perform normal checks on the water valve.


F8 E3 Error Code

The F8 E3 error code is somewhat unclear, as it mentions overflow as the cause of the fault. There could be two potential scenarios: the machine is filling when it shouldn't be, which could be a faulty water valve, or the machine may not be draining correctly.


F8 E6 Error Code

The F8 E6 error code refers to an aqua stop or anti-flood device, usually located in the bottom tray of the machine. This device is typically activated when water gets into the base of the machine for safety purposes.


F9 E1 Error Code

The F9 E1 error code seems ambiguous, as it mentions pressure switch emptying condition not reached. This could be due to a faulty pump or blockage in the system, especially in the sump hose.


F9 E2 Error Code

The F9 E2 error code is quite similar to the previous one. It states that the machine is not emptying in the allocated period of time. The anti-flood device may also be activated.


FC E1 Error Code

The FC E1 error code indicates a communication problem with the Wi-Fi module.


Door is Unlocking at Start of Cycle

If the door is unlocking at the start of the cycle, it could be due to the child protection or child lock system in place on the machine.


Cycle Stopping Few Seconds After Turn On

If the machine is switching off after a few seconds and not running through a cycle, it could be a problem with the pressure sensor.


Touch Display Not Working

If the touch display is not working, it could be because of a faulty display or bad wiring.

This guide should help you diagnose the problem with your machine or at least point you in the right direction for what you need to examine.


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Whirlpool & Maytag 6th Sense Washing Machine Error Codes & Fault

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