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A big thank you to all our customers and viewers

We work very hard in our warehouse making free video guides for you all on cookers, ovens and washing machines Etc. We always appreciate a beer or two after a hard day filming and writing the appliance repair guides. You can buy a single beer or a round for all the staff which ever you prefer.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to all our sponsors, customers and donators below for the support and financial assistance you give by donating or shopping with us. My self and the staff really appreciate all your help and will endeavour to keep producing videos and repair guides for you, without your support and encouragement, our success wouldn't have been possible.

53 Responses to “Buy Paul a Beer”

  1. Richard Schneider says :

    Wow, Paul’s creepy-cool psychic regarding our Bosch SHE6AP02UC dishwasher here in the US Pacific Northwest, half a planet away!

    He said to inspect the filter sump carefully for a shard of broken glass just prior to the pump impeller.

    There was one! Now how the heck did he know that!? :^D

    Thanks also for the video on removing the pump impeller–extremely helpful and beautifully simply presented.


  2. Dave says :

    Dishwahser not draining.Fixed very easily thanks to your video (bit of rubber jamming the pump impeller)
    Beer donated, thanks for your help.

  3. Aurelien Giraud says :

    I fixed a washing machine for the first time today and feeling empowered 🙂 Thanks for your help, Paul!

  4. Howell Istance says :

    Thanks very much for this great video, Paul! Just like lots of other people leaving comments, it let us fix our dishwasher ourselves. Two bits of glass, which we wouldn’t have spotted if we hadn’t dried out the well next to the impellor fan as you suggested and showed. We had the problem on Christmas Day so it was great to be able to fix the machine and clear the dinner dishes away.
    Thanks again and enjoy the beer!

  5. Phil Sharman says :

    My Neff dishwasher displayed the E25 error code. I watched the video a few times and then successfully executed the repair. The culprit was a glass shard – identical to the one in the video. If that bit hadn’t been included, I doubt if I would have found the shard. Excellent video – well done. Beer dully paid for

  6. Hugo says :

    Great vids on dishwasher pump problems (Err25)! Saved the day with 20 people coming over for lunch tomorrow…
    Enjoy the beer!

  7. Ragini says :

    Hi Paul

    Thank you for your instructional video. It was very useful and informative.

    It helped us to get to the pump and to the other bits at the bottom of the unit. We checked the pump but that was fine, however in other forums people mentioned the circuit boards having faulty solder points. We took the circuit board out too and a quick visual check showed no problems but resoldered the relays on it anyway. We put everything back together and now it’s working fine again. So maybe it was the solder points or just a faulty connector but who knows….

    Your video gave us quick access to everything and a good overview. Thanks mate, have a BIG beer on us!

    Happy New Year from Wellington, NZ.

  8. Warwick says :

    Thanks! this is an awesome site and your video on how to reset my whirlpool has saved me a fortune!

  9. Peter says :

    A huge thank you for this service. You helped me “do it myself”. The least I could do is pay something!

  10. Sigrid says :

    Thanks Paul. Please help the button “buy a beer” does not work in Germany with the internet browser (paypal error message) and I would so much like to buy you a beer. You were such a great help…

  11. Cynthia Kopec says :

    Such a great video – clear, measured and so helpful. Have just replaced the shredded belt on our Zanussi tumble drier; the most fiddly part was getting the circlip back on. I have donated a bottle for your drinks cabinet with my grateful thanks.