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Locating Your Appliance Model Number

If you are not sure where to locate your appliance's model number, select your product from the following list. We have provided diagrams of common model number locations for each type of appliance. Helpful tips to identify where the model number is located. Finding the right part for your appliance must be done with correct model number! Part testing, repair procedures and replacement parts are designed to work only with correct model info. The appliance model number are an important tool in finding the most accurate help for your particular model. 


Select an Appliance

How_to_find_washing_machine_model_number (245x300)

Washing machine

how_to_find_cooker_oven_model_number (300x300)

Cooker or Ovens

how_to_find_dishwasher_repair_model_number (300x281)


how_to_find_tumble_dryer_model_number (200x200)

Tumble dryers

how_to_find_fridge_freezer_model_number (300x272)

Fridge Freezers

how_to_find_hob_model_number (300x200)

Gas or Electric Hobs

how_to_find_cooker_hood_extractor_model_number (300x196)

Cooker Hood Extractors