The Best Washing Machines to Buy

These are the best value for money washing machines that you can buy in the UK market currently. 

most washing machines nowhere days have sealed drums and are not affordably repaired see what the public has said about manufactures that build these  Click here & (Read The Comments at the bottom of page)

Features to look out for.

Big Energy Saving Tip

Did you know it is possible to connect the washing machine to the hot water supply if you have hot and cold fill? If the hot water comes from an alternative source of energy (e.g. solar water heating panels), use the hot water supply to decrease energy consumption Saving you a lot of money each year.

Delay start time

when you have solar panels on your house then its good to start the dishwasher at the peak sunlight in the day, but if you don't you can start the washing machiner at the economic tariff of electricity depending on the contract.


Please note

Do not be fooled by manufacturers, nowadays they own lots of brands one company may own up to 10 brands but a lot of the parts inside are the same. Always check with the salesman when you buy a new washing machine which holding company owns it. Don't be frightened to ask questions like are the bearings changeable in this model it is the salesman job to know this information

Ebac Washing Machines

One of the strongest, most durable and dependable washing machine on the market.

they are not the cheapest washing machine on the market but they are well made by British tradesmen in the UK and the distribute around United Kingdom

I recommend Ebac washing machines for the following reasons

  • 3-year warranty 
  • you can pause the machine and access the drum after the cycle starts if you forgot an item after filling.
  • this machine is affordable to repair in the future.
  • the drum can have the bearings changed.
  • hot and cold fill to save energy

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Beko Washing machines

If you are looking for cheap, these are not a bad machine. you pay for what you get. They are made in Turkey

  • most models have sealed drums and you can't change the bearings when they go wrong.
  • parts are affordable but things like PCBs are not economic to replace.
  • easy to work on for simple faults.

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Whirlpool Hotpoint Indesit Washing machines

These were a British machine, Then they were bought by Indesit and are now owned by Whirpool. Most are made in Italy

Whirpool inherited the problems with early machine fire problems. Whirlpool brands consist of makes like Hotpoint, Ariston, Creda, Indesit,

in general, they are pretty good

  • affordable parts.
  • most machines you can't change the bearings.
  • easy to work on.
  • Most PCB's have to be programed

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Bosch Neff Siemens Washing Machines

Bosch Group is one of the largest in the world there washing machines were good but after 2010 I have seen a steady decline in there build quality.

Bosch own brands like Balay, Constructa, Crolls, Gaggenau, Laden, Lynx, Neff, Novamatic, Pitsos, Profilo, Schulthess, Siemens, Viva and thats just a few.

  • Well built.
  • Good to work on.
  • Some models you can change the bearings but most not.
  • Parts are not cheap but there some patterns parts out there.

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