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  • Dishwasher Heater Element 1650W 240V C00256527 Without Hose.

    Category: Recycle Appliances


Hotpoint Aquarius FDM Dishwasher flashing lights and there fault codes

Dishwasher not heating time out fault. “Salt and rinse aid lights are flashing, so are the start/pause and the Drying lights.”   Hotpoint fdm550 Dishwasher spare parts   Why not fix it yourself following these simple steps in the video and avoid the expensive call out charges of an engineer. A simple service of your

Hotpoint FDM550 Dishwasher fills, but doesn’t run cycle

My dishwasher will start and fill with water, but won’t actually start the cycle. I have watched a video you did to service the machine. But cannot find a float by the filters.
The lights it flashes are the rinse, salt, wash and end.
Only light not flashing is dry.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Aquarius FDM550P All lights flashing

All the lights are flashing when I try to start a wash.

Hotpoint Dishwasher FDM550P with the Start/Pause and End leds flashing.

I have a Hotpoint Aquarius FDM550 with the Start/Pause and End leds flashing. I am wondering which fault it is and what is wrong and what I need to buy.
Thanks in advance,