Flashing Lights & Error/Fault code

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An error code will be displayed on your washing machine or washer/dryer if the machine has a problem. Error codes will be displayed on your machine in one of two ways: Either on your digital display screen which will show an error code in a letter followed by two numbers format, Or washing machines without digital display it will show a series of flashing lights.

There are different ways that these are displayed so you will need to consult your manual on these or let us know your full model number with the fault sequence and we will try and help you.

These lights when flashing should be read in a binary fashion, these are the typical Hotpoint, Ariston, Indesit & Creda  error codes or fault codes for washing machines and dryers.

Now there may be some variances for older models, but there are 3 main types of board listed  so you need to know what you are looking for. This video is on How to Repair Washing Machine Flashing Lights.

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97 Responses to “Flashing Lights & Error/Fault code”

  1. GM says : Reply

    I have a Hotpoint WMXTF742 which is not locking when starting a cycle and doesn’t spin although counts down as if in a wash. Code F06 flashes when turning off and on.

  2. Mr A says : Reply

    I have a Indesit xwa81682 washing machine. Whilat in use the machine stops and all lights start to flash constantly

    Can you help?

  3. Alison Riddoch says : Reply

    Hi I have a hotpoint aquarius WFG321G machine and when i switch it on all the lights start flashing
    but after a few minutes it stops and the machine will work and go through its normal cycle!

  4. Justin says : Reply

    Hi there

    I have a Hotpoint WD440 washing machine which has all lights flashing. It used to continue flashing for a bit and then settle so we could use the machine. But now it doesn’t stop flashing.

    How do I repair this?


  5. Reverend Antun says : Reply


    i change the capacitor’s, but the LED’s flashing still as before 🙁

  6. Sharon says : Reply

    I have a Splendor Ariston Washing Machine and I have a problem 2 or 5 or 6. My washer starting flashing lights then it did nothing but try to start but I think I pushed it passed its limit because I can hear it trying to do something but I’m not getting anymore lights and I can’t open the door. Water hasn’t came into the unit but I’m lost now. Is there a reset button? Do I need one or both of the capacitors up top of this article? My husband works out of town and I’m on my own to fix this Please Help!

  7. Val says : Reply

    Aqualtis washer/dryer finished cycle F5 showing can’t open door lights flashing

  8. Arlene Oliver says : Reply

    I have hotpoint washing machine WMFUG , when I turn on key lock flashing and start button Amber flashing light, any help greatly appreciated

  9. kashif says : Reply

    sir i have an indesit washing 7125 machine and when it is powered just one ligh blick and immediately goes off , any help please

  10. Keith Alexander says : Reply

    Thank you for your video Paul.
    My Hotpoint WDAL 8640G suddenly developed the ‘all lights flashing’ error message. It would not pump out and after reset would perpetually fill with water regardless of the programme selected.
    As per the first instruction on your video I checked all the connectors and found one of the wires to the air heater for the dryer mechanism had corroded through. Stripping the wire and crimping a new spade connector fully restored the machine’s function.
    Total repair cost: Less than 20p 😀

    I’m not sure why losing a wire to the air heater would cause the logic unit to go crazy, but I’m just happy it’s working again

  11. Philip Carr says : Reply

    Hi I have a ctd40p hotpoint tumble dryer. I have just fitted a new control box part number 09121501017002. I have a flashing on/off switch and the precreasecare light and alarm lights are on as well.Have you any suggestions Please?

  12. Philip Carr says : Reply

    Sorry it is the time delay light and alarm light not the precrease light. Cheers.

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