Have you ever thought about creating your own Garden Irrigation System for your garden or hanging baskets well you can with a few Micro Irrigation fittings and a washing machine watering valve, then you can hook this up to an auto time or a smart switch to work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri. then you will have

One of the most common problems to occur with a washing machine is Filling Overnight with Water When The power switched off. This can normally be spotted easily when you see water in the drum.  In this tutorial, we will explain how to check the water valves and rectify the problem. If you have never changed

One of the most common problems with tumble dryers is the door not closing. This is usually caused by a broken latch or catch. This tutorial will show you how to replace the door catch or latch and also show you how to make sure the door lock is in the open position. If you’ve

One of the most common problems to occur with a washing machine is for the door seal to get torn or damaged. This can normally be detected by the washing machine leaking.  In this tutorial we will explain how to remove the old door seal and fit a new one. If you’ve never replaced a

When your washing machine will not start you may have a fault the dE error code indicates that the washer door was unable to lock. This can normally be resolved by performing a simple reset on the washing machine or you may have a fault with the pin system or hinge but normally this will be

How Does an Oven Thermostat Work?There are two main systems that control your oven temperature is the conventional type with a capillary tube attached which will be used in conjunction with a selector switch. The other is a pcb (printed circuit board) which uses an Ntc sensor in the oven to control the temperature via

Numatic is the worlds best canister vacuum cleaner manufacturers in my eyes they have sold millions of Henry, Hetty, James, Charles George’s to individuals families and are the backbone of may small business. their Friendly faces are loved by many with own toy range for children as well. They are the Landrover Defender of vacuum cleaners and worth

Bespoke Power Solution

Plug and play bespoke power solutions     See our solar solutions Contact Us with your solar requirements Introduction Bespoke Power Solutions can be designed and built to suit each customers’ exact requirements. I am going to explain in detail the following hybrid system which was designed to charge a battery bank which is to power

When you forget to empty your pockets before starting a wash and leave coins, screws nails etc in your clothes don’t be surprised that you here a loud bang and your washing machine springs a leak. this video Tutorial will show you how to repair a hole or a crack in a washing machine drum without having to buy a

A typical swimming pool set-up in the Algarve Our hot solar water systems will significantly lower your gas/electricity energy bills. With our state of the art monitoring system, you can see water temperatures, amount of hot water consumed and monitor climatic change and production of energy in real time. While also retaining a history of all data