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SYSTEM OVERVIEWMaking videos on your domestic appliances suddenly became a very expensive hobby, After having the last two electricity bills over £1000 plus. I decided to actually convert the property to an off-grid system.With my concerns that my electricity bill was on the real incline and also a little worried about power cuts. Security of supply

SYSTEM OVERVIEWWe were approached by our customer who has a small house on the beach in Faro, Portugal. He had concerns that his electricity bill was on the incline and also a little worried about power cuts. After surveying his property and making some calculations we decided that a Victron EasySolar 24/3000 would be the

SYSTEM OVERVIEWOur customer “David” approached us with the complaint of huge energy bills and they were getting more and more expensive by the year. We initially visited his home in The Algarve, Faro, Portugal to do a full assessment. We installed an “efergy engage” energy monitor. The energy monitor allowed us to discover how much

SYSTEM OVERVIEWOur offices in Faro house both our business and two apartments upstairs. Because of the amount of energy we were consuming we decided to install one of our Solax Hybrid Solar Solutions. We installed 5.2kWp of solar panels on the top of the building and a 3 Phase Solax X3 Hybrid 10kW with two

VICTRON ESS SYSTEM, FARO, ALGARVE, PORTUGAL System Overview Unlocking Energy Freedom with Solar Power In sunny Faro, Portugal, one homeowner faced the daunting challenge of ever-increasing electricity bills. Seeking an innovative solution, our team conducted a comprehensive property assessment and recommended the installation of a cutting-edge Victron ESS Battery Storage System. At the heart of

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home solar panels system

Hi There, I live in the Algarve, Portugal and the electricity bills are getting out of hand. can you recommend a solar panel system which will help reduce my electricity bills. I live in a standard 3 bedroom house and have a moderate energy consumption. thanks.

Good Afternoon, I want to buy a complete off grid solar kit to power my garden work shop. Can you advise me on what equipment i am going to need to install 24 solar panels including all cabling and any other equipment, like inverter etc. I will build my own ground mount structure to mount the panels. Thank You. Geoff.

Solar Electricity for Boat Portugal

Hi There, i live on my boat and i am looking for some solar panels to help keep the batteries charged. i am based in Lisbon, Portugal. I think i have enough space for two panels. Thanks

I’m in the middle of building a new house I would like to have solar water on a small electrical charging system with inverter up to 1.5 kilowatts what would you recommend, please

i live in lagos northern algarve.