Zanussi ZKH7146J washing machine Err73 on drying cycle

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Hi, i have a dryer fault and I followed your youtube video Without luck. I wonder if you can advise please ?This error is n ER73 NTC thermistor fault on the drying duct. I replaced this (Lefthand side) and the lower washer One without success.The machine intially doesn’t get the drum warm on cottons or synthetics and the time runs down too fast. A second run usually works.I tested the condenser thermostats ontop of the heating element and the heating element and these are all good. In frustration I found a replacement white Dryer PCB but again no luck and Err73 persists. I am out of ideas. As it does get hot I think8ng relay rather than sensor ?Any help appreciatedJohn

John Mercer

Paul answers

I will try and help with this problem Zanussi ZKH7146J washing machine

You may have a problem with either one of the sensors,   it is possible that the fan is not turning correctly I have had this problem before I have put an exploded diagram below so you will be able to disassemble the heating system and I have also sent you a workshop manual Via your email it is possible that it is the relay but check all components first




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Zanussi ZKH7146J washing machine

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