Hotpoint Aquarius FDM Dishwasher flashing lights and there fault codes

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Dishwasher not heating time out fault. “Salt and rinse aid lights are flashing, so are the start/pause and the Drying lights.”



Why not fix it yourself following these simple steps in the video and avoid the expensive call out charges of an engineer. A simple service of your dishwasher or replacing parts often solves the problem.

Fault or error codes used in Aquarius range dishwashers produced Hotpoint however, these error codes may apply to a few other dishwasher brands as well. Like Indesit and some Creda.
These fault codes are written for engineers not for the general public we will always help where we can in helping you identify the fault but these codes below will help you.
People need a certain level of competence in using these codes to identify the fault with the dishwasher and you will still need to investigate each failure on its own please enter any questions you have below this article.


These flashing lights can be error code for the anti flood switch activated.

These flashing lights can be error code for the anti flood switch activated.


hotpoint aquarius FDM550 fault error code A10 heater fault

Salt and rinse aid lights flashing & start/pause and the Drying lights. A10 heater fault


The heater that was fitted in this video

Click to buy this heater in the video For this Hotpoint Dishwasher

Hotpoint Aquarius FDF & FDM Dishwasher Common Erorr Fault Codes

A-1: Overfilling

Flood protection activated
Check pressure switch
Check wiring

A-2: Water inlet valve error or turbine error, dishwasher not filllling with water

Check water supply
Check inlet hose
Check water inlet valve
Check wiring

A-3: Dishwasher times out when draining - water will not drain
Check for blockage
Check outlet hose for blockage or obstruction
Check drain pump
Check wiring

A-4: Error detected on thermistor circuit
Check wiring to thermisrtor
Check thermistor

A-5: Circulation pump blocked or faulty
Check filters
Check circulation pump motor for blockages
Check main circulation pump

A-6: Water inlet times out, dishwasher not filllling with water
Check water supply
Check inlet hose
Check water inlet valve
Check wiring

A-7: Turbine faulty - electronic module has detected no turbine rotation
Check turbine
Check wiring

A-8: Heating phase has timed out - dishwasher fails to heat the water
Check wash heater
Check thermistors

A-9: Software recognition error - EEPROM error
Reprogram the dishwasher EEPROM
Replace electronic control module

A-10: Heating circuit error detected
Check water heating element
Check thermostats
Check wiring

A-12: Communications error between control boards
Check wiring between control boards
Replace electronic control module

A-13: Non-operative electroniuc control module
Reprogram the dishwasher EEPROM
Replace electronic control module

Please note that the manufacturer can and do change fault codes without notice and we cannot guarantee that these error codes will apply to your particular model as all codes apply to a wide range of appliances and not normally any one specific model.

69 Responses to “Hotpoint Aquarius FDM Dishwasher flashing lights and there fault codes”

  1. sarah says : Reply

    My Hotpoint Aquarius dishwasher 550 wash light is flashing I’ve turned off my machine by the wall lots of times left it over night also, still just flashing when turned on by wall 🙁

  2. Paul McCarthy says : Reply

    Hotpoint dishwasher shows f12 fault on display panel. Model fdfsm 31111

    It’s only just over a year old. It does seem to have water down by the filter. Otherwise it looks like it could be Communication problem between the main panel and the motherboard. Any suggestions to put this problem right

  3. Paul says : Reply

    I have an FDM550, it has completed a wash and I have emptied the washer, but now the wash light flashes continuously. I have tried switching it off at the mains and leaving for 30 mins. As soon as I power it on again, the light starts flashing. It sounds like it’s trying to empty the water out, but it has already finished the cycle.

  4. Brenda Feetenby says : Reply

    Dishwasher has stopped mid cycle water in base have switched off and tried to set programme light comes on but nothing happening

  5. W Marsden says : Reply

    Aquarius dishwasher pre wash and wash lights flashing continuosly machine does not operate

  6. J.John says : Reply

    I have a Hotpoint Aquarius FMD 550 Dishwasher ,it fills up and start normally, a few minutes into the wash it lets out all the water and all the lights start flashing. Can you advise me with this problem…The machine is not old and is in the Caribbean, and I don’t know of any one there capable of advising me….I need your help

  7. Lorraine Doyle says : Reply

    My dishwasher ( hotpoint accqurius) keeps going to prewash cycle…I’m unable to change to any other cycle ….any advice would be helpful thanks

  8. Lynsey says : Reply

    Hi Paul
    I have hotpoint Aquarius FDM550 dishwasher
    When I turn it on no water fills and I have the rinse aid, salt, wash and end lights flashing?!
    Can’t seem to find that error code on manual troubleshooting page. I have pulled out the filter and it’s clean!
    Please help! Hopefully something silly as I can’t afford a new one with Christmas next week!

  9. Kelvin says : Reply

    What fault code is Salt, Rinse, and Start/Stop flashing.

  10. Terry Williams says : Reply

    Dishwasher FDYB 11011P giving an A10 fault. Salt and rinse aid and start lights flshing after about 10 mmiutes. As per your youtube video we removed the pump motor.

    Across the element it reads 13.8 ohms. Between terminal on side marked red and the heater element terminal it is open circuit. Is this correct? Is the terminal block switchedor faulty.

    If we need a new pump what would be the cost.

    Terry Williams

  11. dave says : Reply


    Thanks for the post I currently have a FDM 550 p and the two button next to the on/off Salt and x button and the start/pause are flashing what could be the issue please?


  12. Jon says : Reply

    Listing A01, A02 – – A10 etc., is OK but you need to list which light combination correlates to each fault code.

  13. Lisa says : Reply

    Hi , I have an Aquarius FDAL11010 dishwasher . It bleeps when in operation. It’s not over loaded and always use the correct products and clean filter after every wash . Thank you

  14. Marc says : Reply

    Wash and End light flashes after it fills with water. What ould be wrong. Cant find thos error code

  15. james says : Reply

    hello i am needing a bit of help, i have a hotpiont FDFAO32121x that seams to be stuck in a delay i have tried everything i can think off to no avail. the on/off button is light along with low rinse aid light,low salt light, wash-cycle light ,washing indicator light and the start /Pause light. how do i find the error code or the reset

    thanks in advance


  16. Graham Payne says : Reply

    My hoitpoint Aquarius biswasher has 3 lights flashing. The green on / off button, and the red salt and rinse aid lights…… any ideas please?

  17. Ryan Cooke says : Reply

    I currently have a fdm 550 and the salt+rinse keeps flashing along with wash+end. What could be the issue with this?

  18. Mark says : Reply

    Just bought (second hand) 😡Hotpoint first edition HFED 110,got it home, fitted it started it & nothing happens for about 5 min then the salt & rinceaid lights are flashing and the start/pause , wash & drying button are staying on .. help 😫

  19. john jenkinson says : Reply

    Washing machine stops mid cycle, red light indicating on lock mechanism icon, when i restart a metal banging noise comes from the door lock area, door closes ok.

  20. john jenkinson says : Reply

    Washing machine red light is on indicating ( lock) and machine stops mid cycle.

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