How to replace a Zanussi washing machine door seal.

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How to replace a Zanussi washing machine door seal.


Zanussi washing machine door seal

 To order your door seal you will need your full model number. (This is normally around the washing machine door frame on a sticker)







This video will show you how to replace a Zanussi washing machine door seal also know as ( gasket, bellow, tub seal, door rubber, etc ) this video is on the new type design where you have to remove the concrete counter weight in order to replace the Zanussi door seal.

  1. You will need to unplug your Zanussi washing machine from the electric supply before attempting to replace the seal,
  2. Two screws at back will remove the lid of the washing machine.
  3. The facial panel will have to be removed this varies from model to model, so see video on basic technique.
  4. Remove the front retaining band and peel the seal of the front panel.
  5. Remove the two screws that hold door lock in place.
  6. Now remove all screws that hold front panel to the chase and remove the panel from your washing machine.
  7. Now you need to remove the concrete counter weight from the drum this is held on with large torx screws, take your time with this, the concrete and the lugs that hold it in place can be brittle! Any damage to these will be expensive to replace.
  8. Remove the spring band from the door seal and replace the door seal, make sure the seal marks line up on the drum this is very important.
  9. Replace all parts then test the Zanussi washing machine for any leaks.

4 Responses to “How to replace a Zanussi washing machine door seal.”

  1. Paul King says : Reply

    Hi, a useful guide but one very vital piece of information is missing , the size of the torx bolts that hold on the concrete block
    if you don’t have a full mechanics tool set you will have to buy either a set at around 40-60 pounds or buy the individual wrench.

    This is difficult if you have no idea as to what size you require, perhaps this information could be added to the written instructions on the site?

    regards, paul.

  2. Stuart says : Reply

    Need Torx T50. Need to lever the weight off evenly using large screw driver or something similar.
    You can buy sockets individually from Halfords

  3. Stuart says : Reply

    Refitting the replacement seal is now my challenge.

  4. Graham Scott says : Reply

    Thank you Stuart, that was just the information I wanted. I bought a set of “Long Arm Hex Torx Key Set 9Pcs” from Screwfix for £5.99, the largest of which is T50. Torx on both ends – just the ticket.

    I did a ZWF6100P which was identical to the one in the video (just no wire round seal to powder draw connection – used a plastic tie wire to stop it coming adrift).

    I worried about getting the front weight off the pegs so used a pair of sharp nosed pliers to squeeze the end of all the pegs together just in case “stick tion” was the problem. Don’t know but it came off easily after that, working around with a long screwdriver. I cleaned the pegs and applied some Fairy liquid and it went back on just as easily.

    The hardest bit was getting the seal back on. Again Fairy liquid helps.

    Don’t know if this is common but the weight, on the top of the drum, had split in two. I used some gaffer tape to stop further bits of concrete breaking off.

    Graham Scott

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