How to Replace Indesit Washing Machine Drum Paddle or lifters.

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This video will show you how to replace Indesit washing machine drum paddle lifter


This video will show you why washing machine drum paddle or lifters break and how to replace them.

To order your washing machine Drum Paddle or lifters you will need your full model number. (This is normally around the washing machine door frame on a sticker)








Question from customers: Why Indesit Washing Machine Drum Paddles Break?

There are 2 simple reasons why drum paddle or lifters break these are:

1 customers put things into the Indesit washing machine that they shouldn't

2 Plastic degrades over time and they cannot take the stress of the loads.

3 After the customer has replaced the part and were not fitted correctly and have come loose and broke.

Lots of people wash all manners of things in a washing machine (trainers Etc) that they shouldn't.

One of the most common drum paddles that breaks, are the ones fitted to Indesit washing machines. This type is most notably the drum paddle most commonly fitted incorrectly by owners and, if they are not fitted correctly, they will break or shear off again meaning that you will have to buy more. That's not a huge issue as these drum paddles are not hugely expensive but this video will help you get it right.

The trick with Indesit washing machine drum paddles is the locking tab.

There is a small tab that has to be lifted back up, pushed down to remove the paddle, you will need to fashion a tool that will perform the same task. If you don't get the tab back up properly and, we mean properly, the paddle will come loose and break again.

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  1. Mary Ellen Seymour says : Reply

    Can’t find the part number listed for drum paddles for my Indesit Innex xwa 818682?? Don’t seem to be listed? 2 have broken off and cut some clothrs? Can you please help as I’m a foster patent and need my washer asap?

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