How to replace washing machine drum bearings on Bosch, Neff, Siemens or Balay.

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How to replace washing machine drum bearings on Bosch, Neff, Siemens or Balay.


This video will show you how to replace washing machine drum bearings to Bosch, Neff, Siemens or Balay washing machines.
To order your washing machine drum bearings you will need your full model number. (This is normally around the washing machine door frame on a sticker)

Of all repairs that can be done to Bosch, Neff, Siemens or Balay this can be one of the most difficult, more often than not it requires a complete strip down of the washing machine.
The first thing you have to realise about a bearing change on any washing machine is that you need all the correct parts before you start and the average DIY armature will take the whole day to do this job and the assistance of a friend would be really helpful, if you’re not confident in your ability to totally strip the machine and re-build it then call in a professional as they do not like taking on jobs that are already started.
There are two bearings in a Bosch, Neff, Siemens or Balay washing machines and one main seal and you will need a tub gasket.
This is what a typical Bosch, Neff, Siemens or Balay washing machine bearing kit looks like.
The main reason that washing machine bearings fail is that the main shaft seal fails, allowing water into the bearings that cause corrosion this will lead to the bearing to slowly rusts over time and eventually will collapse due to the oil or grease being washed out and will start to get very noisy on spin.

  • You will need to order all the parts that you need to undertake the job; here is a list that I would have
  1. New set of washing machine bearings.
  2. New washing machine drum tub seal.
  3. A tube of silicon sealant.
  4. A full set of tools and you differently need the following, screwdriver set including torx’s, a socket set up to 19mm some spanners will be helpful a hammer and some large chisels, I recommend getting a 25 cm long bolt or threaded bar plus nuts, 12mm to 18mm wide with some very strong washers about 2 mm thick and the size of the two new bearings but 2mm smaller than the outer race. See pictures for what you will need.
  5. A friend if you can talk them into helping the wife will do as a backup.
  6. You will then be ready to take on this very large job.
  • You will need quite a lot of space to tackle this job and the children will need to be out of the way.
  • Take all panels of the washing machine, lid, front facial panel, front main panel and the back panel,
  • Strip down all the parts that are attached to the drum. Take photos of any wiring that you disconnect so you remember how it goes back together.
  • Remove the drum from the casing, by undoing the springs and the suspension legs.
  • You are now ready to split the drum, see video for taking this apart.
  • Take your time knocking the old bearings out and when removed clean everything thoroughly. Remove the drum seal and clean area.
  • Now its time to fit the new bearings this is where your large nut and bolt will come in using the large washers. First partly load the bearing in each side then place the bolt through with one washer that is the size of the appropriate bearing, then on the other side fit other washer that is the size of that bearing and but the bolt on, now slowly do the nut and bolt up while making sure that the stay aligned until both bearings are full pulled into place.
  • With a hammer preferably a rubber one slowly tap the washing machine drum seal into place.
  • Fit the two half’s of the drum together with the new seal and silicone.
  • Reload the drum and put the pulley wheel back on.
  • Test the drum for leaks by filling the drum partly with water and rotate it to check everything.
  • Rebuild the machine in the same way as you as you took it apart.
  • Hopefully everything works perfect and sit back and pat yourself on the back for the amount of money you saved.

How to replace washing machine drum bearings tools

The bearing assembly kit, this will only cost you a maximum £5 from any hardware store.

1 – Threaded bar about 25 cm long and about 12mm thick, you can use a normal bolt and the thickness can be up to the size of the inner race on your washing machine bearing. Get fine threaded bar if you can get it.

2 – A couple of nuts to fit the bar.

3 – The washers must be strong and i advise you get three for each bearing as this will give it strength when pulling the bearings in.

16 Responses to “How to replace washing machine drum bearings on Bosch, Neff, Siemens or Balay.”

  1. Mike Pope says : Reply

    Good day, I have a Bosch washer model WFMC3301UC/04 and need to replace the drum bearings. Could you let me know what parts I need for the job. Also I am in Canada for shipping. Thank you in advance.


  2. Ljupco says : Reply

    Good day, I have a Siemens A 08 16 (wm08a163by)
    Please tell me how to separate drum (no screws it’s glued)
    Could you let me know what parts I need for the job. Also I am in Macedonia for shipping.
    Thank you in advance.


  3. Martin says : Reply

    Paul – thanks for the guidance on this. I recently replaced the drum bearings on a Bosch WFO 2466 with the help of your video, got it all back together, works fine except it’s now got a horrible creaky squeak when the drum turns. I’ve taken off the drive belt, no change, so it’s not the motor. I’ve taken off the front door seal retaining clip and detached the door seal from the front of the machine, in case I’d managed to get the seal twisted somehow, no change, drum pulley’s off as well, didn’t think that would make any difference, and it hasn’t. When I was putting the drum back together I was quite heavy handed with the silicone, maybe some surplus has squeezed out and is contacting the drum when it turns? I’ve briefly shone a torch through the holes in the drum, haven’t spotted anything ominous. Any suggestions please?

    • you might have not fitted new ones correctly

    • Ian says : Reply


      Jiggered after a week’s strip-down, cleaning and reassembly, I’ve got exactly the same problem on my Siemens machine. I’m sure it’s caused by the rubber seal rubbing on the shaft. To ease the shaft into the new bearings and seal, I lightly coated it with oil, and although the drum turned quietly at first, after a few minutes use, the squeaking started. It may be that the oil has rubbed off. leaving the seal/shaft contact surface dry.

      The genuine seal I fitted has double contacting surfaces, around which is a spring garter, along with an extra dust seal projecting outwards. This isn’t mentioned in any of the bearing replacement videos I’ve seen, but I’ve a hunch that the gap between the two contacting parts of the seal should be packed with grease before assembly. When I can summon up the enthusiasm again, I’ll strip the machine down once more to try this.

  4. Ray Harris says : Reply

    Paul, excellent video on repairing the bosch washer drum. I have a US Bosch WFMC6400/01 model with drum assembly that wabbles and makes loud noise during the spin cycle. The assembly is Can this drum assembly be repaired the same ways as the one in your video, and what are the bearing part numbers that will work, as the bosch webpage says the assembly is not sold separately.
    Thank you,
    Ray Harris

  5. Robert Vella says : Reply

    Very detailed instruction clip that i would be finding very useful. I am just wondering if this machine on the video is similar to my Bosch Avantixx7 VarioPerfect? Thank you in advance

  6. Szym says : Reply

    Great video! I will be doing doing the same in exactly the same wfc 1600. Could you provide bearings details? Also size of screws to join drum’s halves would be welcome 🙂

    Thank you,

  7. Alan Moore says : Reply

    I need to replace the inner drum on my Bosch WAE 28465GB/03. The casting that attaches to the drum and contains the shaft that fits into the bearing has shattered. The bearing is unmarked and runs smoothley.

    Is it possible to buy a new drum with shaft attached?

    If so, where from?


  8. kevin Sobey says : Reply

    Excellent tutorial, like the way you tackled this.

    I’m aiming to do my Siemens IQ300 washing machine (WM14Q390GB/13) before it gets too bad if I can identify the parts required. Unfortunately Siemens only sell the half tub including bearings for this model! I’m sure the parts will be common to other Siemens washing machine models that kits are available for but I haven’t been able to stumble across the info that shows what models have common carryover parts. Any tips where I might find this info?


  9. Susan says : Reply

    I’m changing the bearings and followed these instructions only to find the tub is metal not plastic. I’m a bit stuck as to how to open it. Can you point me in the right direction please? It appears almost crimped shut so I don’t want to lever it open as it might be irreversible. It’s a WFF2001 Bosch,

    Thank you

  10. Harry says : Reply

    Great video

    Do you use a specialist silicone sealant, or will any bathroom sealant do?

  11. Gary says : Reply

    What a great site! Just a question about the bearing tools with regard to their washer diameters. Before I start, I want to check I can go out and get strong enough washers of the correct size. Are bearing sets a standard size for Bosch machines or do they vary with different models? What 2 washer diameters will I have to check stock for before I take the whole thing apart, please?

    Many thanks


  12. Gary says : Reply

    Back again. I’m trying to find washers of suitable sizes (my bearings are 45mm & 60mm). I keep looking everywhere I haven’t found anything suitable yet. Can anybody suggest any companies that are able to supply plates or washers of suitable size to do this job, please? Thanks.

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