How to replace washing machine carbon brushes Bosch Balay Neff Siemens

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How to replace washing machine carbon brushes Bosch Balay Neff Siemens


Motor Parts & Carbon Brushes

This video we show you how to replace washing machine carbon brushes, we are working on a Bosch but this guide is good for Balay, Neff & Siemens.
To order your washing machine motor carbon brushes you will need your full model number (This is normally around the washing machine door frame on a sticker) and also your motor Type, written on the motor Label.


This video we show you how to replace washing machine carbon brushes, we are working on a Bosch but this guide is good for Balay, Neff & Siemens.

What are carbon brushes?

All washing machines have electric motors and some motors have brushes, the job of the brushes is to conduct electricity from the fixed parts of the motor (the windings) through the moving parts of the motor (armature this is where the brushes sit onto the commutator).

The symptoms of a worn down carbon brushes in your washing machine are:

1 - There is no wash or spin action on your washing machine. ‘washing machine not spinning’, ‘washing machine drum not turning’

2 - Intermittent spins when set on cycle.

3 - There are large amounts of sparks coming out of the motor from the carbon brushes.

When removing the brushes make note of the way they come out taking note of the angle of the brush.

How to replace washing machine carbon brushes Bosch Balay Neff & Siemens

Removing the carbon brushes from the motor:

1 – You will need to remove the spade connector from the brush tag; it has a locking mechanism on it.

2 – The next is to remove the brush tag from the holder by aligning the H part of the tag with the holder’s main casing, then it will flick out and you can remove the brush from the holder.

3 – As you slide the carbon brush out make a note of the angle of the brush so that when you fit the new ones you align them correctly. Meaning the carbon brushes are actually going into the commutator at an angle. Hence the carbon brushes themselves have an angled end. You must make sure you put them in the right way round.

29 Responses to “How to replace washing machine carbon brushes Bosch Balay Neff Siemens”

  1. Jonathan Pryce says : Reply

    Hi, thanks for the video instructions, which enabled me to replace the brushes in my Bosch washing machine. However, I’ve had a bit of a difficult time since replacing the brushes. Motor works for a while and then starts sparking a little, then more and more until it stops altogether. Would this be symptomatic of the one or both brushes not sliding properly and therefore creating intermittent contact as it wears down until it loses contact altogether? If so, is there a recommended solution to get them sliding freely? Thanks.

    • Hi Jonathan yes there is a solution, you need to take brushes out and finely sand the brushes on the sides that its is sticking in the holder. it is important to do this when you fit the brushes to make sure they go up and down in the holder without any interference as if the motor is sparking on the armature you could do damage to the PCB. i hope this sorts out your problem. paul

  2. Niki Sporrong says : Reply

    Hi there! Thanks for the instructive videos. After watching it, I rather bravely set out to replace the carbon brushes on our 14 year old Bosch machine that first intermittently and then completely stopped spinning/turning the drum. It all seems to go very well and the old brushes were down to 2 mm, so it certainly semesterön like it NEEDED doing. However, when I tried to run the machine afterwards, I seem to have ender up with a different problem instead. I first tried a rinse cycle, but it did not seem to fill with water and then suddenly quit altogether. I did not get far enough to see if the drum is now turning. A neighbour sugested giving the drum a spin and wiggle by hand. After that it did briefly come on again – ie Ready light at front – but then just died again. The drum also seem to be turning with a bit more resistance when I spin it by hand. What might I have done to my machine? Before I started it would go through a full wash cycle but not turn or spin. Grateful for suggestions, or we will have to give up on this long truster machine. 🙂

    • the first think i would check is that you have water going to the machine as so many taps fail and i think you may have disconnected the water to take the brushes or motor of. so try this first listen for humming noise at the valve if you here humming then there is normally no water

  3. Niki Sporrong says : Reply

    I did have to disconnected the water. Cannot hear humming but when I unscrew again there seems to be water at top of hose…

  4. Niki Sporrong says : Reply

    Ok. will try to check those. The machine now will not even come on.

  5. Niki Sporrong says : Reply

    It does index spin brilliantly now though makes a slightly highpitched sound I do not recall. To confuse matters, it seems it is the Ready lamp that will not come on, as the Active goes on for the spinning cycle. Does this mean that perhaps it now is just the water supply that may not have been reconnected properly? thanks for all your helpful feedback!

  6. Niki Sporrong says : Reply

    Just to let you know, it was the water. It is working well now. Very pleased. Thanks again!

  7. Andy says : Reply

    Hi Paul,

    just a quick thank you, found your site when our Bosch washing machine stopped working. Your video on replacing the carbon brushes was perfect! Machine back up and running for not much more than a couple of beers!


  8. Nigel R says : Reply

    Hi Paul
    I followed your excellent instructions on how to replace the brushes on a Siemens varioPerfect washing machine ( WM12E143/23 )
    But the 3 fault LEDs ( top / middle / bottom ) that indicate motor fault are still flashing.
    Is there a sequence to reset them ?
    Or any other ideas ?


  9. I have fitted brushes to my bosch washing machine motor. Unfortunately i am unsure if i had fitted the 2nd brush correctly as did not pay attention to the way i took the 2nd one out. However the machine is working and on a full cycle but appeara more noisey? Would there be a sign if i have fitted 1 of them wrong?

  10. Bruce Robbo says : Reply

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to thank you so much for the video on how to replace motor brushes.
    We bought a Bosch WAE24460AU in Jan 2011, last weekend while in spin cycle it tripped the circlet breaker and then stopped spinning. Thanks to your video I learned that ‘worn motor brushes’ could be a course. I took a look and sure enough they were worn down to less than 1cm. I replaced them at the cost of AU$78 and the machine is working like a charm again. We are really happy with this Bosch 5 ½ years with no trouble till now and this was just ware – we use the machine about 6-10 times a week on average. So… we’ll buy a Bosch again, that’s for sure.

  11. Mark says : Reply


    Thanks for article which has been hugely helpful. Question – if replacement brushes come with flat ends, do I need to file them to the same angle as brushes tthat I am replacing?

  12. Hi Paul,
    Excellent video. The drum of my Washing machine stopped rotating. However other functions like drainage seem to work fine. It does make a click sound when I put it to the “spin” mode. How can I make sure it is the carbon brushes that are faulty?


    • you need to inspect them

      Paul Charmbury
      Appliances Engineer
      youtube facebook google+ beer
      • Thanks so much. It was indeed the carbon brushes. I replaced them myself and ensured they were aligned in the same direction as the old ones. The machine works fine. Its just that there is a sound of the brushes touching the motor. I guess that will die down with multiple washes? Thanks again

  13. Eli says : Reply

    Thanks a bunch for the great video instructorial! Filmed well, just right for the timing with clear vocals. Was very helpful when repairing my Bosch maxx . Keep up the excellent work.

  14. Alastair says : Reply

    Hi. Great video thanks, I have changed the brushes but the machine is still not working. There is a click sound at the point where the motor should start to run, but it doesn’t! Any ideas?

  15. Carl says : Reply

    Many thanks for sharing the video – really nice video and clear instruction. We have fixed our machine (Bosch Maxx 6) thanks to you.
    Took two goes at replacing the brushes. First time after replacing the brushes the drum turned but only once in the cycle and then stopped again, and we kept hearing the intermittent clicking noise.
    We took the motor off again and checked the brushes again and one was sticking at the sides so we took it back out again and filed it down very slightly so it could move more freely – this has solved the problem and we are feeling very chuffed.
    Thanks again 🙂

  16. Vasula says : Reply

    Have a bosch washing machine classic 1200s express recently stop working three lights flashing on the spin cycle panel (top middle and bottom) what do you think the fault of the machine please advise

  17. stephen says : Reply

    Thank you for your clear instruction for renewing the brushes on my Bosch Series7 washing machine after the F21 error flashed up.
    Hardest part was putting the back cover back on .

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