Samsung Washing Machine 3E Error Code not spinning or turning

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Samsung Washing Machine 3e Error Code How to Replace the Carbon Brushes

samsung washing machine not spinning

This video will show you how to identify your 3e error code fault and replace the motor or carbon brushes
3E error code is a Motor tacho fault detected
Can also be caused by be main PCB

If the motor tacho signals are inputted less than 2 for 2 seconds after main drive motor started, this error will occur on normal brush motors and direct drive motors

  • Check carbon brushes if fitted
  • Check motor capacitor
  • Check motor
  • Check motor tacho
  • Check all connections and blocks to the motor
  • Check connections on the main control module
  • Check main control module

If direct drive motor is fitted you may get these errors

Here is a list of 3E's, faults that may show on direct drive motors.

Tacho error
Switch off the power/reconnect and try again
If error code persists a service call is advisable, switchboard (motherboard) replacement possible.

DD Motor fault
Check DD motor
Service call advisable
DD Motor fault
Check DD motor
Service call advisable
DD Motor fault
Check DD motor
Service call advisable
DD Motor fault
Check DD motor
Service call advisable

1. Disconnect the power supply Remove the back of the washing machine.

samsung washing machine Disconnect the power supply (640x360)

2. Remove the belt on you samsung washing machine.

samsung washing machine unscrew the bolts that hold the motor in place (640x360)

3. Remove the wiring from the motor and earth wires Always good practice to take notes of where the wires came from, take a photograph!

samsung washing machine Remove the wiring from the motor and earth wires (640x360)

4. unscrew the bolts that hold the motor in place.

samsung washing machine remove the motor from the machine (640x360)

5. remove the motor from the machine.

samsung washing machine Remove the motor (640x360)

6. Remove old carbon brushes and inspect them.

samsung washing machine wiring clips (640x360) samsung washing machine Remove old carbon brushes and inspect them Also check there is no damage to your armature (640x360)

7. Replace your samsung washing machine carbon brushes

samsung washing machine Replace carbon brushes (640x360)

8. Also check there is no damage to your armature you can see other videos on this

samsung washing machine refit carbon brushes (640x360)

9. replace the motor and refit the wiring.

samsung washing machine unscrew the bolts that hold the motor in place (640x360)

10.replace the belt on your machine

samsung washing machine align the belt (640x360)

11. plug in the machine and test it on rinse or spin cycle.

samsung washing machine enginer buy him a beer (640x360)

12. if all is good refit the machine and buy Paul a beer for helping

samsung washing machine engineer buy him a beer

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15 Responses to “Samsung Washing Machine 3E Error Code not spinning or turning”

  1. Akbar says : Reply


    I have a Samsung washing machine, which gives error if bE3. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. Robert D says : Reply

    Can you email me the part number for the brushes to Samsung motor dc31-00002d ? Also do you know of a supplier for this part? Thanks

  3. Martín says : Reply

    Hello, I need help, I have a washing machine WF8650 model (Argentina, I do not know if it’s the same there) and just before starting to dry, the water does not let go, it shows the error “Sd” and I have to open the small door in the bottom to let the water out, and then it starts to dry normally, can I do something to fix it? thank you i promise i’ll buy you a beer 😀

  4. Robbie says : Reply

    I have a Fagor and my code is F08, bu this is same issue. Thanks

  5. Mauritz says : Reply

    Hi, l have a Samang wash machine model WA75B7PT. Everything switches on but when you push the start button when it measures the wait BUT the turn wheel at the bottom of barrel is not moving. I aready replaced the capasotor but is still doing the same. The motor is turning without the belt but not very much and only in one direction. Please help.

  6. rody says : Reply

    i have a samsung washer mache has an error code E3 model wf218anw/xaa 01 and serial number w02r54as801565r. please advise the part number or what does it mean with this code? thank for your help

  7. Barbara says : Reply

    After changing the Main PCB machine is showing 3E Motor error code and tries but will not spin.
    Samsung Washing Machine
    Model : WF1124XAC
    Serial No: Y3HG53BC900120E
    WashingMachine Brushless DC Motor
    Where I find the motor capacitor?
    Kind regards

  8. Rohit says : Reply

    Dear Paul,

    Really appreciate for sharing such a useful video and avoiding mechanics expense.

    I want to fix my washing machine on my own but the problem is it does not have shield to open

    Model WF F861

  9. franco mboya says : Reply

    samsung washer drier model wd12f9c9u4x/nq not agitating. changed pcb twice but developing same problem. whats the problem. kindly help .

  10. russel de castro says : Reply


  11. Peter Wilson says : Reply

    Hello. My problem is with a front loading Samsung WF203ANW/XAC model washer. The machine stops at the spin cycle and will not pump out the water and eventually returns an error “nd” (will not drain) code. I’ve researched the issues thorough and have tried everything I can think of to resolve this issue. The machine won’t pump the dirty water out and continues to stop at spin cycle. I checked the pump and did find some debris (and a dental flosser!) inside. I removed that and tried again but the same problem and error code returned. I figured that the pump itself must be defective in some way, so I ordered a new one and installed it. No joy! Same problem: keeps stopping at the spin cycle and eventually after many minutes displays the “nd” code. This is an older model and everything is located at the back at the bottom left. Is there anything else I can try to get this machine working properly? Is there a clog possibly located somewhere else that I need to check? I’ve shop-vac’d the lines pretty thoroughly to suck anything out. Do you think it might be an issue with the circuit board? If so, how can I check? Obviously, there’s a limit to the time and money that is worth investing in the problem but well worth fixing myself if I can. Anyway, I’m at a loss….. Thank you.

  12. Dennis says : Reply

    How do I test a tachometer off a motor – Samsung Model WD7704C8C/XSA Serial Number X9935ARQ600189R

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