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Beko Washing Machine Door Handle & Hinge Catch: how to replace

In this video, I’ll be showing you how to change a door hinge and door catch handle on a Beko washing machine. It can be used on a lot of brands listed below. Beko wm washing machine door hinge and handle catch external type Beko wmb washing machine door handle & hinge catch internal type

Beko WDR7543121W washing machine Door Handle replacement

I have a Beko WDR7543121W washer dryer the door handle needs changing
I have removed the door however there are no screws visible on the inner panel
do you know how to dismantle the door

Beko WKB51031PTM washing machine Padlock light remains on and program will not start

Display board is fine and can select desired wash settings. The padlock light remains on (although door is firmly sealed shut) and no longer goes off (with a click) so program can begin. First few times would eventually begin with a few bangs to door handle area but now does not work.