Bosch dishwasher keeps emptying and filling, how to diagnose the fault and replace parts

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Bosch dishwasher keeps emptying and filling, how to diagnose the fault and replace parts
Your Bosch dishwasher is over filling or just keeps filling and emptying with water? This video will show you how to diagnose the fault and replace the faulty parts in your Bosch dishwasher.

Bosch dishwasher keeps emptying and filling this video will show you how to diagnose the fault and replace the flow meter (impeller jug) water valve and also we will show you how the float safety switch system works.

If your Bosch dishwasher is over filling or constantly pumping out is a good indication that the flow meter or impeller jug has gone faulty. It can also mean that the base of the machine, where the electrics are, is getting water into this compartment and therefore due to safety reasons the machine´s safety switch floats, and therefore pumps the water out of the machine to stop the machine actually flooding the electrical compartment.

You can see here some of the components of the dishwasher, where the base float switch is, and the water valve that goes into the flow meter.

55 Responses to “Bosch dishwasher keeps emptying and filling, how to diagnose the fault and replace parts”

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  2. Gary says : Reply

    Hi there, I have a Bosch SGV53E03GB and the anti-Flood chamber is filling up. Having cleaned the float switch and removed the water, the same problem has reoccurred again.

    I assume the dirty water is getting in from somewhere, any ideas?

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  7. jamie mann says : Reply

    i have a bosch dishwasher shx4ap05uc/05 and it turns on does couple dump cycles then beep clean without having washed any ideas

  8. amanda daughtery says : Reply

    bosch sgs45c02gb/06 will the flow meter 0424099 above fit my dishwasher please. also do you know how to get the fill chamber/martix/bladder off to clean them?

  9. Tony Munroe says : Reply


    I have a Bosch sms65 e dishwasher.

    The dishwasher was working OK until our water softener had a fault so was feeding the dishwasher with hard water. I picked up the fault with the softener due to the DW not cleaning plates and glasses properly.

    While I was waiting for the softener to be repaired I filled the salt container with salt which was the first time that I have done this so the DW had soft water to work with. The dishwasher then came up with a check water light along with a error code. Reseting the machine cleared this. but the fault reappeared.

    I then did an intensive cycle wash to try and do a deep clean and the DW came up with a different code maybe E24.

    I then pulled out the DW and moved it around to discount the plug and after doing this the DW doesn’t power up. I was a technician so understand electronics. I have taken off the front panel to check the power switch. Power is going in and out of the switch but no display is coming on. Can you give me some advice on what steps to follow to fault find? Is then a sensor such as a float that may be cutting off the power to the control board?

    Many thanks

  10. Gerard Robertson says : Reply

    Our hotpoint ultima dish washer fdd912 empties as you turn it on then comes up with A7 no water coming into the dishwasher what can I do

  11. Rob says : Reply

    My dishwasher (a Bosch SGV46M43GB/01) had exactly this problem. I watched the vdeo, ordered the part via this site, fitted it this morning and Hey Presto! I have a working dishwasher again. Many thanks Paul for the excellent and detailed video which made it very easy to replace. A beer coming your way!


  12. clive thompson says : Reply

    In the picture above, on the bottom left corner of the red/black box in the centre of the image, (with the play button in) there is a right angled elbow. Mine is leaking. Can you tell me what this is called so I can find a new seal for it please…. This is the only machine I can find on you tube that looks like this.
    It is A bosche SL15N1B or SG145E16GB/29



  13. Sisa Hwalima says : Reply

    BOSCH SGS45C02GB Dishwasher Flow Meter, my invoice just says;
    Item 4242002445656
    Description SGS45C02GB_WH Free Standing Dishwasher
    EAN Code 4242002445656
    Serial N0 9000457839

    However from your list they all have another number at the end e.g. /06 or 09, etc. Therefore how can I find out which one is for my machine?

  14. Andrea Trebbe says : Reply

    We have a Candy CDI2012/E-02 32900347 1330 3315 dishwasher from around 2013 that once stopped working about 3 years ago. A constant beeping signaled the problem after trying to initiate the washing cycle. Not remembering the details, replacing the controller card (~€50 ebay) fixed the problem at that time.

    Now we had a problem again, just as described for the Bosch dishwasher in this insightful video article. Once any of the programs was started, the dishwasher would first drain any remaining water (if detected any), then fill for a few seconds, then start draining/refilling again for about 3 times in a row until the controller detected there was something wrong. Again, everything stopped with a constant beeping. Replacing the controller card did not help this time.

    There were actually two independent problems: We noticed that the inlet water hose was kinked. Thus, only little water would enter. Straightening the hose did not solve the problem, though.

    We then thought it may be the flow meter as described above. But it is extremely simple in this machine, turned nicely and did not seem to be the culprit. However, we noticed some deposits in the water reservoir that also connects to the inside of the dishwasher. These calcareous deposits apparently clogged one of the channels. This may have induced some pressure difference, which the controller apparently interpreted as some water level problem. Unmounting the water reservoir with the built-in impeller, dissolving the clogging with toilet descaling agent solved the problem: the dishwasher is working again.

    Actually, no electronic parts had to be replaced

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