Bosch, Neff, Siemens Tumble dryer intermittent fault starts and stops afer a while or does not start

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Watch the video it will explain the fault and show you how to diagnose the problem and rectify it

This video will show you How to repair your tumble dryer when it will not start or may have an intermittent fault like, it may start and run for a few minutes and then cut out, there may be no light on the control panel, the tumble dryer will not start, nothing works, etc


On Bosch, Neff, Siemens sometimes your tumble dryer will have an intermittent fault, 

This can normally be a fault with the tumble dryer printed circuit board known as the PCB. if you getting power to the PCB from the mains lead and electrical filter or known as a suppressor then you may have a damaged board it is quite common for the link switch to blow as if they get hot (normally caused by a voltage drop)

the repair that was done on this tumble dryer was that a link switch had gone and taken out an SMD 101 Surface mount resistor the link switch that was on this Bosch dryer was replaced with tny266pn the original was tny266gn the firm did a nice job and it is well worth having it done for you at about £40 at the time of writing

if you have the right equipment it is possible to do the job yourself but I well recommended having it done for you as the SMD is so small. I could hardly see it lol (getting old) I have seen a lot of these circuit boards go over the years and one common denominator that I spot is normally there are two appliances plugged in on one circuit sometimes the voltage may drop because the amperage pulled is so high especially when both items are on heating 10 amp on the dryer and about the same on the washing machine if the plug is a spur electrical socket the cable is normally only rated to 16 amp!

You can see the damage to the link switch and Surface mount resistor

the original was tny266gn plus SMD 101

The PCB on this tumble dryer was part number 00750591 it fits many machines like WTE64106GB, WTE84105GB  We all have the right to repair. this PCB was repaired for £40. it would have cost £230 from Bosch if you repaired the board your self it would be less than a tenner

15 Responses to “Bosch, Neff, Siemens Tumble dryer intermittent fault starts and stops afer a while or does not start”

  1. Ely says : Reply

    Siemens WT46E387GB/05 display goes blank after a while and the dryer switches off. I have to switch it off and back on after a few seconds. It eventually dries after 4 goes. All cleaned out inside and under in sump. Pump cleaned out. The display also takes a while to light up after switching it on at first when cold. It’s 15 yes old and has been brilliant.

  2. paul Longbottom says : Reply

    Hi Paul, do you have a resistence/temp graph for the NTC (BOSCH 00600157) of the Bosch dryer the same as the one that you fixed the circuit board on.
    Happy New Year!


    • I’m sorry, I do not have this bosch are atrocious to everyone, they do not disclose any of the workshop manuals or any other information to trade or public.
      They only give this information to their own engineers, and that means that you have to pay 100 odd pound to get them out. Another way manufacturers build in obsolescence. They have no right to stop people from having the right to repair. I’m sorry I can’t help

  3. Mark says : Reply

    Hi Paul,
    Our Bosch WTE84307GB/16 has a power issue.
    I got my hopes up with your help video ( and I followed your diagnosis steps by tracing the mains voltage. But when I looked for damaged components I did not see any. So I have not yet been able to sort out a budget fix. The control board (00750591) seems to be a minimum of £186. I’m obviously trying to spend less.
    The PN printed on the pcb is EGO 79.056.464.30 (9000238833)
    Is there anything else you can suggest please? I can send you pics of the pcb if you need them. If I get a in-expensive fix as a result from your advice I’ll be happy to “Buy Paul a drink”.

    • the first thing we need to establish is that you have power going to the printed circuit board from the electrical filter at the back. If you can do a meter test on the voltage going into the machine, then coming out of the filter follow the wires up to the PCB, then check them, if you have voltage the printed circuit board then I suspect this is the problem, but I might be able to help as I do have a few secondhand boards in my workshop

  4. Mark says : Reply

    Hi Paul, as mentioned I previously followed your diagnosis steps by tracing the mains voltage to the main board. But when I looked for damaged components I did not see any as you did in your video. I would be very interested in a good working board that matches the numbers in my previous msg. Unless you have anymore component level fault finding suggestions? Thank you

  5. Mark says : Reply

    Landline 01869 277084
    Mobile, 07795154882
    Please first try my mobile number between 1pm and 2pm. Then after 3pm try either number.
    Ps please don’t post this on your site

  6. Jeff says : Reply

    Hi Paul, my Bosch WTE84307GB has started to experience the problem you described, with all lights turning off after about 15 minutes or running and requiring a hard power off to recover from. Whilst moving it to take the cover off to expose the control board, I noticed there is a damp area under the machine at the back right. The water outlet etc. is all on the left, so I don’t think it’s a leak from the pump / water container. The damp area is in line with ‘padded back’ bit of the machine, maybe 5cm in from the back and 5cm irom the right side.

    Any thoughts on what this issue could be?


  7. Joey Robinson says : Reply

    Hi Paul, have a Bosch dryer classic 6xx WTE84104GB. Doesn’t power up, power is all as it should be to the CB. No physical sign of damage to CB. Can find the company you use to test and repair the CB’s. Happy to spend £40/£50 to test / Repair the CB then giving up on it and replacing with a new one. It has done its job for 13 years but never over used.


  8. Bin says : Reply

    Hi Paul,

    We have followed your step by step guide on our bosch avantixx 8 tumble dryer, it has the power up to the PCB, we think it was the PCB faulty, but we don’t see anything obvious on the board that blow up, do you happen to have a spare PCB for bosch avantixx 8?

    Kind Regards


  9. Ian Paul says : Reply

    Hi Paul,
    The video is great, I may have missed the link for the company that you advise you should sent the board to. My Bosch machine has the same problem you show on the video.
    Best Regards

  10. Rob says : Reply

    HI There,

    Great videos. I have a bosch dryer wtv76100.It starts drying and then after about 5 minutes it suddenly dies with no warning or flashing lights. I have tested pretty much all other parts of the machine and have come to the conclusion it is probably the lnk switch on the PCB. There does not seem to be any damage but I am pretty much out of ideas at this point. I am not too handy with a soldering iron but can’t seem to find anyone who repairs boards close by… I have ordered the part and am about to dive in and was just wondering if you have any further thoughts or advice? Thanks in advance!

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