Dishwasher not filling with water Aeg, Electrolux, Zanussi error code AL5 or ALS time out fault

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Dishwasher not filling with water Aeg, Electrolux, Zanussi error code AL5 or ALS time out fault

Dishwasher solenoid valve

Why not fix it yourself following these simple steps in the video and avoid the expensive call out charges of an engineer. A simple service of your dishwasher and cleaning of the parts often solves the problem.

This video can be used on all these makes that have this type of water valve fitted Acec, AEG, Arthur Martin, Atag, Blanco, Castor, Corbero, Curtiss, Electrolux, Elektro Helios, Elektron, Faure, Franger, Ideal, Juno, Kuppersbusch, Marijnen, Privileg, Rex, Rosenlew, Seppelfricke, Tricity Bendix, Urania, Zanker & Zoppas.









Insufficient water in the dishwasher can cause poor cleaning. If the floats get stuck in the raised position or the pressure bowls or pipes get blocked with slime, the dishwasher won’t fill with water. Another likely cause is a clogged inlet screen or faulty inlet valve as on this Zanussi dishwasher.

1 check to see if you have water to the dishwasher inlet valve, also check for kinked pipes or a faulty tap,

2 All the pipes that go to the main pressure switch assembly will need to be checked for blockages. By blowing into the pipes you should here the pressure switch click, this tells you that the switch should be working correctly if fitted.

3 Once you have cleaned everything and replaced them try the dishwasher again if it works great you have not need to buy a new valve.

4 If the dishwasher still does not fill you will have to try replacing the main water valve, see products below. You will need your model number to find the right one for your dishwasher.

6 Responses to “Dishwasher not filling with water Aeg, Electrolux, Zanussi error code AL5 or ALS time out fault”

  1. Denis Spencer says : Reply

    Hi I have a Zanussi ZDF 14001 KA with error code 10, with the side panel removed it apears to be filling, I have checked the solenoid inlet valve with a meter but understand from your video that it may still be at fault I am happy to puchase a part from you but I want to make sure before I buy.

  2. Johann C Brits says : Reply

    Our AEG Favorit 80860 leaks water. It takes in water for pre-wash but can not continue with the main wash – asking to please open the tap. When we tilt the machine over backwards a lot of water pours from the bottom tray. When turned upright again and switched on it continues drawing and starts the main wash cycle.
    How do I remove the side panel so that I can find the leak? The back, top and front kicker panels are all removed.

  3. Mr Copeland says : Reply

    My Zanussi ZDT12011FA dishwasher developed a fault that suggested that the anti flood switch had been activated. i checked the bottom of the machine and found that water was indeed in the tray so I empty it out. I set another programme and observed to see if there was any leak but could see nothing. a few minutes into the wash the programme stopped again this time suggesting that the appliance does not drain although it does pump out water.

    I’ve checked for blockages in the sum and discharge pump along with the discharge hoses and can’t find anything wrong.

    Do you have any idea where i can look next?

  4. Babsie says : Reply

    my AEG 40320 dishwaser not filling the water ……why ????
    please help

  5. Kris says : Reply


    I have a AEG Favorit 77000 dishwasher and on the display mode 1 appears and no water comes into the dishwasher.
    The inlet water pipe was checked for kinks and flow of water appears normal.
    It seems that the machine is not absorbing the water.
    Kindly Advise
    Many Thanks

  6. Debby says : Reply

    I was wondering if you could help me out?
    I have an Electrolux dishwasher ESL6211LO that it stopped filling water.

    When starting the program it makes some noises like is going to fill up, then some vibrating noises and then the beeping starts where the —>| symbol lights up. I’ve disconnected the water supply and checked for signs of blockage, check the water pressure, it look good.
    I’ve filled the bottom with water and it drains fine but then no water goes in.
    Any idea what to do?

    Thanks very much in advance
    Kind regards

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