Elitech STC 1000

Our boat has a 12V ice-box under-the counter fridge
The thermostat failed and I replaced it (with same type) but have problems getting the temp. low enough
I have an Elitech STC 1000 which I’m considering using instead. Should the sensor be attached to the freezer plate and if so how?

Bosch KSV2822GB/01 Fridge Freezer

Hi I would like a replacement thermostat for fridge freezer
Make: Bosch
Model: KSV2822 can you source me a replacement


Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

Recently Bosch KGN34VB35G Fridge Freezer started making a knocking noise – it’s hard to describe it as anything else other than that. It happens every so often, about 5 or 6 “knocks” in rapid succession from the fridge, and quite loud too. It’s working fine, the temperature is correct in both fridge and freezer. Having watched some of your videos about how these things work I came to the conclusion that the issue might be in the damper unit – perhaps as the motor was trying to open or close the damper there was some obstruction and the motor was slipping. I took out the damper and it seemed to be OK, and while it was out it was opening and closing quietly. After replacing the damper the knocking noise was greatly reduced in volume and frequency, and the number of knocks that happened at any time was greatly reduced but it’s worth noting that we had nothing in the fridge as we were testing it.

Now that we’ve started to use the fridge normally again the frequency of the knocking has increased, and seems to happen not long after the door has been opened, and the number of knocks that happen each time have increased too. Presumably with the fridge in normal use and the door being opened and closed the damper unit is being adjusted more often. I would love to get your expert opinion on what might be making the noise. I have a short video of it where I captured the knocking if that helps.

Thanks so much. Best regards, Dave.

Hi. My old Hotpoint LAG85N1IWH Fridge Freezer is randomly getting very warm and cold again, especially the freezer, I suspect the evaporator fan is blocked because it has some noise sometimes. Can you please help me with details about this model, how to acces the fan? I tried to find the service manual online and I couldn’t find it. Many thanks.

Electrolux EUF2744AOX Internal Ice

Wednesday, 16 November 2022 by
EUF2744AOX Spare parts

This is a 7 compartment frost free freezer. Recently, it has started to get a large build up of ice inside. I have emptied, cleaned and defrosted, but ice returns after a few months.
Is it something that can be fixed, or better to buy a new freezer? I am in Santa Barbara de Nexe, Faro.

I have recently purchased the above integrated fridge freezer second hand on eBay but it does not have the door fitting brackets. I need brackets and hanging nuts for both doors and some small L brackets to support the lower part of the door. Can you provide these parts for me? I have sent a message on eBay but got no reply so trying your website direct. Thanks

daughter left the freezer door open overnight and everything defrosted. the display showed -24 and 4 degrees. a mains restart showed 16 and 18 degrees. the unit then fired up and got to required temps. then it stopped , no compressor noise and began to warm up. another mains reboot ans a panel reset and the compressor kicked in until temp was reached now its stopped again and warming up. help

At the bottom of the fridge the temperature is cycling between 5C and -2C. There are between 3 and 4 cycles per 24 hours. There is a short rapid rise of 4C that becomes a longer gradual increase. We bought an Elitech temperature logger to investigate the problems and I have log files if you need them. Thanks Steve

Hi There, My undercounter Whirlpool fridge is over 25 years old & I am struggling to find a replacement thermostat. Are you able to supply one or is it possible to fit an electronic thermostat as a replacement? If so, could you let me have details of a suitable one.

Replaced the thermostat but still freezing fridge contents. Cause & remedy plz?