Common faults with vented tumble dryers how to diagnose problems and repair

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How to find faults with White knight tumble dryers

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White knight tumble dryers are reasonably easy to work on,  if you don't know how they work then it's hard to find the fault. and if you don't have anybody to help you out and give you a few hints then this video will! they were made by Crosslee and manufactured them for a lot of brands like Bauknecht, Bosch,  Electrolux, Frigidaire, Hygena, Ignis, Laden, Neutral, Philips, Radiola, Thorn, Tricity Bendix, Whirlpool, White Knight, Zanussi,  

This video is on a White knight tumble dryer but can be used for general faults on most makes.

While you finding the problem, do take the opportunity to clear all the fluff you can out of the dryer, as it improves the useful lifespan of your White knight tumble dryer and prevents it become a fire hazard.

Before you start any investigation of the fault or even remove the lid of your tumble dryer please watch our videos and fully understand them in full and pay particular attention to the safety and information notices

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There are loads of video below to help you repair your tumble dryer condenser or vented and they will help you with all these makes listed above that are made by  Crosslee.

White knight Tumble dryer, not heating
• Possible heating element fault
• Possible rear thermostat
• Possible cut out thermostat system
• Possible forward thermostat
• possible program timer fault
• Possible relay on PCB or faulty circuit board 

White knight Tumble dryer not turning
• Snapped or broken belt
• Capacitor on the motor 
• Motor fault
• Possible timer fault or relay on the circuit board
• Broken wire or bad connection

White knight Tumble dryer not drying quickly in allocated time
• Kink or blockage in venting tube
• One side of the heating element may have gone faulty therefore only drying on half heat
• Fluff build up in the ducting tube or vent pipes
• Faulty circulation fan blade
• Fluff build up on circulation fan

White knight Tumble dryer not starting
• Possible door lock fault
• Possible switch pin
• Possible relay fault on the board or timer fault
White knight Tumble dryer not finishing cycle
• If the machine keeps running then faulty timer or if it has auto sensor then it may have faulty NCT sensor.


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