Tumble dryer not turning common faults, plus motor change on a White Knight, Bosch, Caple, Crosslee, Electrolux, Kenwood, Tricity, Tricity Bendix

Tumble dryer not heating correctly Tumble Dryer Parts If you tumble dryer is not turning then you normally have one of four faults: Belt has snapped or come off (you will hear the motor running): Capacitor fault (You hear a faint humming noise but drum not turning) Something jammed on one of the fan blades:

Replace the Belt on White Kniight Tumble Dryer & some Bosch, Caple, Crosslee, Electrolux, Kenwood, Tricity, Tricity Bendix,

This will help your tumble dryer start turning again Tumble Dryer Belts If your Tumble Dryer is not turning on White Knight Tumble Dryer then the belt may need changing this video can be used also on some models of Bosch, Caple, Crosslee, Electrolux, Kenwood, Tricity, Tricity Bendix. Replacing your tumble dryer belt is not a difficult

Common faults with vented tumble dryers how to diagnose problems and repair

How to find faults with White knight tumble dryers Search and purchase Tumble dryer spares White knight tumble dryers are reasonably easy to work on,  if you don’t know how they work then it’s hard to find the fault. and if you don’t have anybody to help you out and give you a few hints then this

Beko washing machine not spinning or turning This video will show you how to replace the carbons in the motor Beko Washing Machine Carbon Brushes If your Beko washing machine is not spinning or it is filling with water but the drum is not turning then it is a good chance that your Beko washing