Cooker oven will not turn on or power up

by / Wednesday, 01 September 2021 / Published in Cooker & Oven

This video is part one of the top ten faults on cookers and ovens. it will show you how to Troubleshoot faults and diagnose problems in your oven. It will lead you to the correct video and part that might need replacing. This video deals with faulty connection terminal block, burnt wiring, faulty safety cut-outs, or possible timer or clock needs resetting

Oven Or Cooker will not power up or turn on: Common Faults to look for.

  • Faulty Connection Terminal Block
    Look for burnt terminals and check to see if the connection block is damaged in any way.
  • Terminals and burnt wiring
    Follow the wiring from the terminal block and make sure all the connections are solid and also make sure that none of the wires are chaffed or damaged.
  • Timer Or Clock
    The first thing you need to check is that the oven timer is not on auto if it is, turn it on to manual. If you have had a power cut all the electricity fuse board has gone off at some point it is worth checking this.
  • Safety Cut-Outs
    A safety cut-out is designed to turn the cooker off completely if the cooker is in danger of overheating to a combustible level,  on most built-in cookers this is usually due to poor installation where there is not enough airflow into the cabinet allowing the cooker to Vent with its internal circulation cooling fan.

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