How to diagnose the fault and how to replace a fan oven element on CDA, Delonghi, Diplomat, Hygena Elba, Kenwood, Tecnolec.

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This video will show you how to diagnose the fault and and how to replace a fan oven element.





This tutorial can be used on CDA, Delonghi, Diplomat, Hygena, Elba, Kenwood, Tecnolec ovens or cookers Etc.It will show you how to diagnose the fault and how to replace a fan oven element.


The fan oven that has stopped heating up is one of the most common problems that oven repair & cooker repair engineers are called to.

The problem in most cases is simply a faulty fan oven element. To call out the manufacture (CDA, Delonghi, Diplomat, Hygena, Elba, Kenwood, Tecnolec) to replace an oven element is going to cost you in the region of £75 – £125.

Here are the 3 main faults to look for in your oven or cooker that is not heating

If your Oven is not getting hot or heating up it could be a faulty element, if the fan in the oven is running and the thermostat light is on, this will lead us to believe that the element has gone faulty.

When you turn the oven on the household electrical supply trips on the Rcd (this is the earth trip in the fuse board) your fan oven element has gone to earth and needs replacing.

Your oven will not work until the clock/timer has been re-set after replacing an oven element.

Note that in some cases the fan oven element fails and it will trip the consumer unit’s rcd (this is the earth trip in the fuse board). If so then it needs to be re-set, but if every time you turn the fan oven on it keeps tripping then this could be a faulty element that has gone to earth.

The following symptoms should be apparent when testing your cooker:

  • Make sure your timer is not on auto.
  • Check to see if Fan oven is not heating up,
  • Check to see if fan in the oven is working fine,
  • Check to see if thermostat light is on.
  • On removal of the Fan Oven Element (see below) there may be visual signs of burning, blowing, or splitting but not in all cases. Is no sign of damage you will have to test with a meter.

Our video instructions will show you exactly how to replace a CDA, Delonghi, Diplomat, Hygena Elba, Kenwood, Tecnolec oven element yourself, and save you lots of money!

Pictures on How to replace a fan oven element and differnt blown oven elements

113 Responses to “How to diagnose the fault and how to replace a fan oven element on CDA, Delonghi, Diplomat, Hygena Elba, Kenwood, Tecnolec.”

  1. That’s have flavel aspen 100, main oven fine grill and fan oven no heat no fan no lights,

  2. Berni says : Reply

    Favel 100 fan oven not working or grill but conventional oven is

  3. Mike says : Reply

    I have a lamona 3400 fan oven the temp light dose work I can here a fan but it is not the one in the oven and the clock is still working but no heat can you help thanks.

  4. Jeffrey Draper says : Reply

    my fan is making a lot of noise. Why?

  5. Ap says : Reply

    Hi rangemaster oven not heating up. Fan not spinning, element glows, no heat

  6. Karen says : Reply

    Is it possible to replace the main glass in a Hygena oven door (outer glass)? Thanks

  7. Cathy says : Reply

    How do you replace selector switch in the Kenwood CK30 4FS

  8. Richard Bradshaw says : Reply

    I have a DeLonghi double oven. The lower oven is an EDF 495 ST and it seems the power is not getting to it. The top oven works fine as does the clock/timer, but when I turn the knobs for the bottom oven it is just dead. I have powered down and back with no change. I also removed the panel to look for any obvious disconnected wire (or dead mouse!) but found none and was able to check the red power wire was live with a tester screwdriver. I was wondering if there is a fuse or something else I should check before getting help. Thanks.

  9. Carol Anne POPE says : Reply

    I have a Amica Electric oven , The hobs work, the lights on front panel light up when operating knobs for oven and fan but nothing warms up in the oven, the fan does not work and the interior light does not work. Any suggestions ?

  10. TERENCE DEVINE says : Reply

    The oven does not heat up when i select hot air cooking but the rest of the selections are working on my Kenwood CKB 300 double oven and i have already changed the selecter switch

  11. Sybil Brook says : Reply

    I have a Kenwood Over clock is working fan is working bujt no heat and no light in cooker

  12. Mark Waters says : Reply

    I have a CDA double oven and the bottom oven is heating up but sticks once it reaches 175 degrees,so it’s taking an age to do chips,jackets,etc..
    It worked after I took the fan casing off and re-fit a few days ago but it’s now doing it again.
    The element was glowing red,the fan is working and the thermostat was fine so I’m guessing it’s a faulty thermostat?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  13. Marc says : Reply

    Hi can anyone tell me the wiring sequence on the oven element for kenwood ck305

  14. Masters says : Reply

    oven is not heating,it keeps flashing up stop,no thermostat light

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