Broken oven function selector switch, troubleshooting, wiring and how to replace

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Selector switch How to Diagnose Fault on oven that is built in or free standing



Oven selector switches that can be referred to as function switches or commutator switches they are the small switch that sits behind the control knob of your oven and switch between the various functions of your oven. the function switch is the component that allows you to switch between various functions - such as the grill, fan heating, etc.

If you need any further assistance Finding your oven Selector switch please feel free to contact me. all the best Paul .

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Charring on connections

Melted Cam shaft

Understanding your Cooker or oven selector switch

A selector switch should never be switched when the power is on the thermostat as this will wear the it out quickly.
It is a primary component for your cooker and therefore it's vitally important that you replace it as soon as it begins to become faulty or when it became sticky.

We have a terrific selection of Oven Selector Switches and videos to help you but because they come in a whole variety of shapes and sizes, we strongly recommend that you check that the selector you wish to purchase is compatible with your oven. You can do this by selecting the manufacturer and model number of your appliance or use the number on the selector into the search box. You will then be provided with a list of spare parts that are compatible with your appliance. Or email us for help

If you're unsure how to fit your oven selector switch, please follow this video guide.

How to fit an oven selector switch

Safety notice: unplug your cooker or oven before beginning any work.

If your cooker is built-in, you'll need to remove it from it's cavity. To do this, remove the 2 or 4 screws that are holding it to the cabinet. These are situated on the front of your oven behind the door. You can then lift out the oven, and disconnect the power from the back of your cooker.
Next, you'll need to remove the top panel of your cooker. See video for more help.
Next, remove the control knob attached to the selector switch this can be pulled off easily.
Now that you can access the selector switch, you can begin to remove it.
Now it's time to remove the complicated wiring. Before you do anything, we strongly recommend you take a photos of the the switch with the wires attached, so you can re-wire it in the correct way.


Other type of faults (see our videos below)

The oven will not turn on

The first thing you need to check is that the oven timer is not on auto if it is turn it on to manual.

No Heat in Oven

If the fan is running and the thermostat light comes on but you get no heat (or just the thermostat light on in non-fan ovens and cookers) then the probability is that the fan element or oven elements have failed. Find repair guides

The oven is totally dead

First things first, check the electricity supply and make sure it is okay. Find repair guides

The oven overheats and burns everything

Normally this is a simple thermostat failure which would manifest itself as this symptom. Find repair guides

The oven door isn't closing properly

Normally this will be faulty hinges or the hinge runners. Find repair guides

The oven door fell off!

Normally this will be faulty hinges or the hinge runners. Find repair guides

The oven or cooker cuts out after it's been on for a while

This is an overheating problem which can be caused by the main oven thermostat or a faulty safety thermostat that will be causing the problem. It can also be caused by a failure of the cooling fan, where fitted, but usually these go noisy before failing, Safety thermostats are used to prevent the oven or cooker overheating and will shut the oven down. Find repair guides

The oven or cooker is noisy

The fan motor and cooling fan motor are the most obvious causes where fitted. Find repair guides

Fan runs after I switch the oven off?

This is a cool down period and can vary massively from appliance to appliance but if it stays running then you normally have thermostat fault or sensor fault. See video above

The light inside the oven is faulty

Normally this is simply a case of replacing the bulb. Find repair guides

The grill element in my oven or cooker doesn't work

This would usually indicate that the grill element is faulty. Check these Grill element Oven changeover switch Overheat thermostat Main oven thermostat, if used to regulate the grill temperature. Find repair guides

There's smoke from the oven.

Invariably spillage except on a new installation or when a new element is fitted or oven may be overheating. Find repair guides

The oven does not come on, But Hob works but I can't get the oven to come on.

The timer has been activated, possibly when the controls were cleaned. There are so many types of timers used that it would not be possible to go through every one, but if you have the instruction booklet, that will tell you how to turn it off. Normally it is just a case of pressing a button or turning a control knob. Find repair guides

Electricity trips (Rcd) when I turn the oven on or element

This is normally an element that has gone to earth, Well known fault with electric ovens, the insulation breaks down in the elements and trips the RCD , best way is to stick a meter on each element and check they not got earth leaks on them. But can also be a wiring fault. Find repair guides

18 Responses to “Broken oven function selector switch, troubleshooting, wiring and how to replace”

  1. mary christou says : Reply

    I have a Bush built in oven. I had to replace the light last week but the light only lasted 5 minutes. Then the oven and the grill stopped working. The fan is working ok. Would I just need a new element or do you think it is something else.
    Thanking you kindly.

  2. David says : Reply

    Just replaced a function selection switch main oven on my Kenwood cooker. The old one had signs of burning on it, this switch had already been replaced 3 months ago, does that mean there’s a more serious problem with the cooker.

  3. HENRIK STEIN says : Reply

    10 yr old ARISTON own, do not know the model?? But the instruction booklet covers 10 models, starting with FB 86 P1./E over 8 other models ending with FO 97 97 P.1/E IX.
    The Problem(s), which has grown progressively worth over the last 4 years:
    AA) The oven cannot be turned off when I try turning it off, a few minutes later it goes bib, turns itself on and off while changing temperatures up and down, bibbing all along. The only way of turning it off is to pull the fuse.
    BB) It has now started to play with the temperatures up and down while cooking.
    It’s all rather annoying!

    Can you (and will you?) tell me what’s wrong, and can I buy the spare part(s) from you? And do you send them out of the country, it this case to France?
    Why I have not tried it in France: I do not speak a word of French!
    Thanking you in advance.

    Best regards

    Henrik Stein
    28 Place du Grand Jardin
    F-06140 Vence

  4. john lowe says : Reply

    teka 495 me oven. the oven selector switch has burnt out twice both times it is the terminal where the thermostat wire goes on to have you any advice please thank you

  5. Peter Barker says : Reply

    I have a Zanussi ZCV662MNC oven. When I use the grill all is Ok until I turn it off when it trips the fuse.
    Is this a selector switch problem?

  6. Daniel Lawrence says : Reply

    Hi Paul,

    I have an issue with my oven where the main fan assisted heating element does not warm up. I have replaced the element with a new genuine one which hasn’t fixed the issue.

    All of the other elements work fine including the lower and upper elements in the main oven. Could this possibly be the selector switch that is causing the problem?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.



  7. anthony murray says : Reply

    oven thermostat light is on but oven isnt getting hot

  8. Marc Malan says : Reply

    HI, great video! My selector switch overheated and melted the plastic like the one in the video, I then swapped it out and then the new switch only lasted a few months. I replaced it again today and that wire is still getting very hot. It is the wire that connects from the thermostat to the selector switch when the oven is on. What could be the cause of the wire getting very hot? I have made sure that the connector is not loose, it makes a good contact.

    Kind regards

  9. celia Owen says : Reply

    Hi, I’m a 70 year old widow and my budget is small. I live in a rented house and can’t get the landlord to fix the oven so have to do everything myself and I am just totally useless.

    Problem: When I switch the built in oven on it trips. The light on the temperature control is on constantly now and it trips when I switch the control switch on. It is an oven with no brand name on it and is fan assisted. There is also one plate on the hob that I can’t use because it trips the house as well. The house has only an electric supply – the hob has solid plates like old stoves have. Any suggestions? (and instructions please).

  10. GARY MINION says : Reply

    i have a smeg range duel fuel cooker suk92mx
    the fault is, that the main oven and clock arent working , also the gas hobs wont self light , there is no spark,
    strangely though the small oven works perfectly,
    i have changed the cut out thermostats and the main oven selector switch.
    can you help

  11. Glen says : Reply

    My IKEA Framtid DOV8/2 double ovens’ main oven temperature Push in button has “pinged” out, how do I refit?

  12. ernie thomas says : Reply

    coudl you please supply me with a wiring diagram for a selector switch on an ariston cp590 gas electric oven. Thank you

  13. Anthony Woodward says : Reply

    I have a Kenwood CK404 Dual Fuel Double Oven Cooker and have recently changed the Oven 5 position Selector switch ( main oven ) but i keep blowing the new switch ,or tripping the cooker, do yo know where i could get a diagram of the wiring for the switch , just to make sure everything was put back as i found it.
    Rergards Anthony

  14. j taylor says : Reply

    I have a bush freestanding gas cooker AG5 6DW.
    its a double oven the top oven has a integrated grill .the top oven was in use when I went to turn it off the selector switch would not turn off oven. so had to turn off main gas to turn off.
    I took the knob off to see if it would turn but it wont so its stuck on the 1st setting. would this be more than the selector switch broken?

  15. John says : Reply

    I have an AEG U7101-4-m cooker ( about 12 years old). Trouble is the main over does not heat up ( but the fan is working) . When I turn the turn the main function selector switch to the ‘off position’, it trips on the RCD protection on the main switch board.
    Is this an element, thermocouple or Control switch problem ?

  16. Edward says : Reply

    Hi Please I change oven fan and also with selector Switch but when I switch on for oven does not light thermostat stove oven is Italia Delonghi so that later I discover top side of element does not work

  17. Brian says : Reply

    Hi , my selector switch broke on my swan oven . I ordered a new part , when it came even though it’s all the same part number it looks as though it has been modified since . Now I’m stuck not knowing what functions do what and if they work properly . Any help would be appreciated .
    The part was a ALONE FD103M.

  18. nilgun mehmet says : Reply

    I have a smeg double oven model DO81CSS-5 i switched the main fuseboard off as i working on another part of the kitchen however i switched main fuseboard back on when i went to use my oven that evening the oven wouldnt come on,the fan inside the oven is just blowing cold air but not turning round the main knob that controls the oven has a small light on the facia board but light does not stay on and the small light tends to flicker,i contacted smeg who fixed it and they have said if its the 2 parts they fitted they are guareenteed for a year,however im wondering is it the parts they put in could possibly be at fault here,im pretty annoyed as it was only fixed 8 months ago and they want £85 to come out and look to see what the fault is,

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