How to open Washing machine Filter that is stuck or Jammed

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Washing machine Filter stuck or just wont open, How to remove coins screws and bra wires etc also how to service the pump



If you have a washing machine pump filter is jammed or stuck and you can't open it do not force it. This video will show you how to gain access to the pump and remove any debris That may be blocking it.

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Tab type pump

Tab type pump


This washing machine pump filter has two pumps attached to it one is for empty, the other is for recycling the water into the line

This washing machine pump filter has two pumps attached to it one is for empty, the other is for recycling the water into the drum

Remove clips on hoses to take pump off

Remove clips on hoses to take pump off

The first thing you will need to do is disconnect the Appliance from the electric and water supply.

washing-machine-coins-in-filterThen lean machine  on to its side or back, You will now need to undo the hoses and the electrics to the pump and remove any screws that hold the pump in place. By looking down  the pump  inlets and  Outlets you may be able to visibly see the obstruction.  if you cant  don't worry you only need to remove the motor from the pump housing, this sometimes can be held in with screws or maybe a twist fit type, It may have locking tabs but you can see this in the video.



There are basically three types of pump
The first type has 3 or 4 screws holding the motor in place.
The next has a single screw holding the pump but the motor twists off after the screw is removed.
The last type has tabs holding the motor in place these need to be pressed while twisting the motor.

Removing coins and screws from the pump

Removing coins and screws from the pump

pump armature separates from the motor

pump armature separates from the motor

You can only pull out any obstruction in the pump through the inlet or Outlet,  but if you can't you could always remove the motor housing and this will give you access to the back of the filter.

while you have the pump out it is well worth looking to see if the armature separates from the motor as there are water ducting tubes behind, These can fill with calcium and old washing machine detergent it is very important for these to be kept relatively clear as these ducts are designed to keep the motor cool.

20 Responses to “How to open Washing machine Filter that is stuck or Jammed”

  1. Martha says : Reply

    My Daewood washer the hose for drain filter is stuck inside how do I pull it out?

  2. Carl says : Reply

    Hi, one thing I just want to mention for others that may be having this problem, try to gently remove the filter with a pair of pliers. I thought mine was jammed since I couldn’t budge it by hand, got a pair of pliers on it and it came off with little force and thankfully there was no blockage.

    Looks like a great guide, I just wouldn’t want someone to go through all of this to find no blockage and it was simply over tightened when last inserted, so too hard to remove by hand.

  3. Claire Snaith says : Reply

    Bought a brand new machine today. Ran it on an empty wash as per instructions but showing an OE code and not drained fully. Checked filter but filter hose stuck and disappeared inside the machine. How can I get it out and what is causing this code? I cleaned the drainage pipe out before connecting the new machine so don’t understand this. Help needed, thank you.

  4. Shimon says : Reply

    Thank you so much. Tutorial was perfect and solved the problem.

  5. Stepheng says : Reply

    Hi I have a Bosch avantixx6 washing machine and it won’t drain and spin the filter doesn’t seem to want to come out how do I do this please

  6. Peter Liddell says : Reply

    When I tried to unscrew the filter, the outer part came away in my hand, leaving the body of the filter still stuck inside. How do I remove it now?!

  7. Tillman says : Reply

    If you can’t open the filter due to an object obstructing it, simply turn the machine on the side and allow the object to fall back out.

    Remember to unscrew the filter in the sideway position.

  8. Julia Powell says : Reply

    Excellent video. Very easy to follow. It gave us confidence to ‘have a go’ ourselves’ and it has probably saved us from buying a new washing machine. There was a washer trapped in the filter. Thanks so much.

  9. Adie says : Reply

    Brilliant guide Paul. Never thought I could do it, but I removed the pump and filter following your expert and easy to follow guide. Thank you for such a great resource! ;0)

  10. Karen says : Reply

    My parents have an old bosch varioperfect WAQ28350GB.
    Went to clean the drain filter can’t just unscrew there seems to be a plastic lip stopping the unit turning. Do I have to unscrew the hole plate. Five screws

  11. lori says : Reply

    I have a zanussi washing machine and the filter inside of the drum is stuck, and there is lots of limescale that has appeared in the last wash that wasnt draining properly, how can i get the filter open?

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    • Jean says : Reply

      my washing machine filter cap moves freely left ans right but wont come out.
      I,ve tried wd40 then I thought strong white vinegar squirted in would dissipate any calcium deposits.
      I,ve been pulling on it with pliers but am scared of breaking it.Any thoughts?

  12. Jean says : Reply

    Addendum to my previous question.brute force with pliers got the filter out.It was clean as a whistle except for 2 wires out of a bra.

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