How to Remove a Cooker Oven Door

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How to Fit & Remove a Cooker Oven Door


Removing the door from your oven isn't as daunting of a task as it may seem. Whether you're replacing the door, or just taking it off so that you can give it a good, deep clean, it's a relatively simple task that any homeowner should be able to handle.

This video will help show you how to remove different types of Cooker & Oven doors.


Before removing an oven door for cleaning, it’s important to understand that different models and brands have different hinges.

To remove your oven door you need to be aware that there is more than one hinge type, this video will show you the common types and how to release the mechanism to allow you to remove the door easily.

Whether you want to clean the cooker or replace a part in it this video will give you a good idea on the technique to do it.

We also have videos on replacing the door hinges and many others on oven repairs.

This tutorial is designed to help you remove your oven cooker door. While there are four or five different types of doors, I'll guide you through a few examples.

Type One: This door features a screw-locking mechanism on its hinge. It's a basic hinge type consisting of a two-part hinge with a turn screw. To unlock it, simply rotate the screw half a turn as shown. Once you've locked the door mechanism, gently lift and wiggle the door until it detaches. When replacing the door, align the bottom catches with their slots, lower the door, and then rotate the screw back to its original position.

Type Two: This is a one-part hinge system that comes with a small catch, designed for easy locking and removal. As demonstrated in the video, I remove any glass panels for safety – in some cookers, the inner glass can be slid out effortlessly. After the hinges are locked in place, you can slightly lift the door and slide the hinge out from the cooker frame.

Type Three: Often referred to as pin-type hinges, this design is quite straightforward. Use pins, nails, or even Allen keys that fit securely into specific holes, allowing the hinge to lock in place. Once both hinges are locked, you can remove the door by lifting it, as I've demonstrated, and then sliding the hinge out from the oven or cooker chassis.

Type Four: This design is popular among European models, especially from German manufacturers. It features an overlapping latch system where the latches fold back towards the glass, creating an efficient and simple mechanism. Once both hinges are locked, you can effortlessly lift the door and pull it towards you. It will then detach from the oven or cooker chassis.

Remember to always follow safety procedures when handling oven doors and related components.


21 Responses to “How to Remove a Cooker Oven Door”

  1. Kaarel says : Reply

    Very useful video, managed to remove my oven door easily thanks to you guys.

  2. Peter Davis says : Reply

    Excellent advice BUT!!! I have a Stoves oven with a bar hinge which appears to have no clip holding it. Can help? I have undone and removes two veryshort screws in the side supports close to the hinges but cannot remove the door.

    • Andy Lynch says : Reply

      I have the same problem as Peter. My elderly but reliable Stoves has developed a slack hinge and the door does not seal properly. I cannot lock the hinges to remove it despite having looked at just about every video on the subject. Two questions – how to remove the hinge – and would a worn plastic slider below the hinge be part or all of the problem.
      Andy L

  3. Laura Cook says : Reply

    Really helpful video. Thank you

  4. jim clarke says : Reply

    Hi, my problem is that the brackets which hold the glass on my Creda reflection oven have come off.. How can i replace them, and do you sell the brackets, Thank you. PS Great advice and videos.

  5. John G says : Reply

    Brilliant. So easy when you know how. Thank you very much

  6. Kim says : Reply

    My door won’t come off, one side seems to have come off the small hide but other side won’t

  7. Ian McG says : Reply

    Not covered in my Creda instruction book. This video was “spot on”. I was able to remove the door and replace a screw holding the front cover. A big help. Thanks!

  8. Margaret says : Reply

    How do I replace outer glass on hotpoint hug model. Main door is a side opening door hinges, I can’t see how to get the doo off.

  9. Jan says : Reply

    I can’t release the locking hinges on my Emilia oven. Help!!

  10. Sandra Greenwood says : Reply

    I have a NEFF slide and hide oven. The handle on the oven door should lock into the flat position to allow it to slide away easily. The handle still moves into position but does not lock. Is there an easy way to solve the problem?

  11. kerry says : Reply

    we need to replace the glass that has smashed on a grill door how do we get the broken glass off the old glue?


  12. Paul says : Reply

    One of the bottom hinges came straight out but the other won’t, any ideas.
    I have gone back to the beginning but it is always the same hinge that comes out.

  13. Glen Valentine says : Reply

    We have a Tecnogas freestanding oven (approx 20 years old)
    that uses the type of hinges on the first oven you demonstrate here:
    I have taken the door off without locking the hinges first and now I cannot get it back on.
    Could you provide me with any instructions as to reinstall the door ?
    Many thanks

  14. Glen says : Reply

    All fixed thanks !

  15. Richard says : Reply


    I bought a hinge from you for my Ariston DM X 94oven last week. Took door off without problem and replaced the broken hinge. Now try as i might I can’t get the door back on. I’ve tried everything I can to no avail. It doesn’t fit into any of the types you have listed here. Do you have any experience with this model?

    Cheers Rich

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