How to replace a cooker hood bulb

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This video will show you how to replace cooker hood lamps or bulbs, in different models of cooker hoods.
It’s always irritating when a light bulb goes. Usually though, it only takes a couple of minutes to put a new one in.


Images of different cooker hood models of lamps or bulbs

7 Responses to “How to replace a cooker hood bulb”

  1. Vidente Economica says : Reply

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by
    searching for how to fit cooker hood lamp or bulb

  2. Richard Bratton says : Reply


    Gutmann Illano cooker hood

    After changing a bulb and replacing the batteries in the remote
    I can get no response using the remote
    Manually everything works
    Is there a reset option somewhere?

    Richard Bratton

  3. Geraldine says : Reply

    Didn’t have a small screwdriver so used my long nails which worked a treat to remove the bulb cover.

  4. John Pidcock says : Reply

    How do I release the chromium light bulb cover to replace bulb in my Zanussi extractor?

  5. jacqui cauvet says : Reply

    How do I remove my cooker hood lights from my Candy extractor model CMDG919X

  6. luca says : Reply

    I have a Hygena Extractor Fan Model APP2440 which is old. It just stopped working when in use so the extractors fan are no longer rotating & the light does not work either. Tried placing a new light bulb into the unit which is also not alighting. Does anyone know what is wrong with this unit, how to repair and if a repair is required how much would it be including VAT. Maybe the fuse has blown – where to locate this. The appliance won’t turn on anymore. thanks

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