How to replace bush fridge freezer light bulb

by / Friday, 07 October 2016 / Published in Fridge & Freezer

How to replace Bush fridge freezer light bulb can be used for 100’s of makes

This article will show you how to replace a light bulb in Bush Fridge Freezer. Most new Bush fridge models feature a light cover which is clipped into position. These can be removed by squeezing the cover. Some older models also have a screw which needs to be taken out before removing the cover. Refer to the user manual for your fridge for further details. Can't find it, don't worry this video will help you.

Most light bulbs or lamps can be checked visually for a broken filament or can be checked with a multi-meter for continuity. You can also simply replace the bulb with a new one.

If you have verified that the light bulb or lamp is not defective, then you should next inspect the socket. Look for discoloured terminals or heat damaged sockets that may prevent good connectivity to the light bulb or lamp. also check that the light switch is working correctly This is a live voltage circuit and power should be removed before close inspection of the socket or switch.

6 Responses to “How to replace bush fridge freezer light bulb”

  1. Marcin says : Reply

    Hi. Please help me im but new fridge frizer Bush no.BFFX60185B how many long waiting turn waiting 12 hours and z tobą stil lights up the warning and does not start up refrigerator.

  2. Donna says : Reply

    I have a Bush larder fridge and cannot remove the light cover to change the bulb please help

  3. P thomas says : Reply

    Please help we can’t take out the light ina bush larder fridge. It is a few years old and this is the first problem we have had since buying it. Thank you for your help

  4. Anthony Clayton says : Reply

    How do I remove the light cover on my Bush larder fridge?

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