Vacuum cleaner maintenance on Numatic, Henry, Hetty, James, Charles etc

by / Thursday, 11 October 2018 / Published in Vacuum Cleaners

Numatic is the worlds best canister vacuum cleaner manufacturers in my eyes they have sold millions of Henry, Hetty, James, Charles George's to individuals families and are the backbone of may small business. their Friendly faces are loved by many with own toy range for children as well.

They are the Landrover Defender of vacuum cleaners and worth the effort to maintain.

The service and maintenance of this vacuum cleaner is well worth the effort as they will normally go on for many years, like everything in life  I'm using the correct bags and filters are an important factor to making your own numatic vacuum cleaner last for many years.

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it is very important to use the correct bags for your machine.  you are normally able to identify this using your model number which can be found on the identification label.

the two types of bags available the normal paper type,  and the high-efficiency bags which are 5 layer breathable and are much better at keeping the dust in the bag than the standard type, therefore, better for allergies etc

2 Responses to “Vacuum cleaner maintenance on Numatic, Henry, Hetty, James, Charles etc”

  1. Mandy Stephens says : Reply

    Sadly I think my newer George needs a new motor. Everything appears to be working but it just isn’t getting enough suck. Do you sell the motors?

  2. Pawel says : Reply

    Dzień dobry, dlaczego nie mam możliwości rejestracji , logowania ?

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