Washing machine door locked: how to repair, replace and fit a new interlock.

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This video will show you how to Replace a washing machine door lock or interlock






Your washing machine door won't open this video will show you how to change the interlock.




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Washing Machine door switches or (interlocks) come in different shapes and forms but for the most part they work either by the conventional press switch mechanism, operated when the door is closed, this normally incorporates some kind of pressure valve assembly,

To hold the door locked while there is water in the drum, or via a bimetallic strip inside that heats up when an electrical charge is passed through it, causing it to bend and so operate a toggle switch mechanism.

On this type of door lock there is normally a 2 to 5 minutes delay before the mechanism releases, because it takes a short time for the bi-metal strip to cool down if the door will not open then try unplugging the machine from the power and on some washing machine you will need to drain the water out see other video tutorials on this.

9 Responses to “Washing machine door locked: how to repair, replace and fit a new interlock.”

  1. Robert Carr says : Reply

    Hello: Your video was very useful and we have just received a replacement door interlock for a Neff washing machine but unfortunately although it is identical in every detail to the old lock apart from the electrical connection which is completely different. How can this problem be resolved? It is a Neff W5440X1GB. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

    Regards Robert Carr Liverpool

  2. debbie says : Reply

    Hi I use lg direct drive 7kg f10c3qdp2 refuses to close properly, it beeps, It is probably a bad door lock sensor, it acts like you didn’t close the door. I really need to change it, can U help with the right door lock to use. Tanx for Ur videos.

  3. Enri says : Reply

    Hi. The door of my LG F1000TD is locked and I cannot manually unlock the door by the wire or card methods. I cannot either find (difficult to access) anything I can push on the latch to unlock it. What should I do?

  4. Jeff Reeves says : Reply

    My Zanussi Washer Dryer door close OK -but only intermittently causes the machine to fill but once it does it washes fine. It sometimes takes a day to make up it’s mind but then goes ahead when I reclose the door. It is a Zanussi ZWF 1000
    Washer Dryer from 1995 and has never gone wrong before now. Can you please advise course of action?
    Best Wishes

  5. Ron says : Reply

    Replaced door lock but still get the same error code

  6. Shantanu Singh says : Reply

    what are the issues that a bad door lock can cause I mean fault codes or error codes. will the machine work if we remove the lock and simply short the wires and remove the lock?

    Thanks for ths answers appreciate your good work.

  7. al marquardt says : Reply

    can a kenwood door lock # DC64-02032A be bypassed?

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