Bosch Neff Siemens Cooker Hood fault-finding and diagnostic

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This video will show you how fault find on a Bosch, Neff, and Siemens cooker hood extractor motor and lighting circuit.
these are just some of the brands owned by the bosch group and this video will help you with all these makes.

Balay, Bauknecht, Bosch, Constructa, Crolls, Daewoo, DeDietrich, Gaggenau, Hitachi, Koenic, Kuppersbusch, Laden, Lynx, Merker, Neff, Novamatic, Pitsos, Profilo, Schulthess, Siemens, Superser, Thomson, Viva,

To find id plate remove metal filter

When ordering parts have full model number

You can test lamp bulb with a multi meter

Make sure you don´t touch the lamp bulb with your hands it can damage it

Test and replace cooker hood bulbs

  1. Remove the light cover by unclipping the glass retainer plate
  2. Remover faulty bulb
  3. Replace with a new one


How to find you full ENR model number

  1. Remove metal filter
  2. The model number id plate will be on the frame
  3. Make sure you use full mode number including hb???/01 


How to test the bulb 

     1. remove the metal filter 

     2. remove the retaining glass ring with a small screwdriver paying attention to glass its very fragile  

     3. remove the buld without using your hands with some protection 

     4. test the lamp with the multi meter 

     5. if the lamp is good test the voltage at this point  

     6. if no voltage at the lamp connection, test the switch  

     7. test voltage in the switch 


When replacing the lamp bulb be careful with the glass , its  fragile

You have to use a small screwdriver to take off the retaining glass ring

Remove the plastic panel to have access to the cables and circuit board

Here you can test the switch

 How to access the cables, switches, circuit board, and motor

  Checking the switch,

  1. Remove the metal filter

    2. Remove the plastic panel paying attention to the plastic screws and metal screws, they are different! 

    3. At this point you will need help when taking the screws out to hold the cover glass panel


How to test the switches

    1 . Use the multimeter 

    2. Test switch using continuity on the multimeter

    3. 1-2-3 positions have a different speed, with the multi meter test the switch 


How to test the circuit board 

  1. Always disconnect the appliance from the electricity
  2. Visually inspect the tracks on a circuit board for damage



How to clean the metal filter 

   1. Remove the metal filter

   2. The correct way to clean it is with hot soapy water without any abrasive products 


How to work and replace parts in your cooker hood

   1. Always disconnect the electricity 

   2. Sometimes it is easy to take it off the wall to work on but this is not always easy in some kitchens

   3. If working on the wall don't forget to protect any ceramic hobs below


How to access and remove the switchgear

   1. Remove the metal filter 

   2. Remove the plastic panel and frame guard

   3. Take the metal frame out, at this point you need help to hold the glass and now you can remove the switch 




Common fault , replacing the lamp bulb

Testing the switch

Access and checking the circuit board

Removing the plastic panel paying attention to the plastic and metal screws

the motor in this video was part number 00790069 Fan Motor Assembly: FIME VEN0049176 130Watt motor

the resistance on the motor fields was 

93.8 ohms high-speed switch 3

187 ohms medium-speed switch 2

187 ohms medium-speed switch 2

361 ohms low-speed switch 1



this motor was used on these models

Bosch D86GR22N0B DWA064W50B/01 DWA074W50B/01 DWA094W50B/01 DWA094W51B/01 DWB064W50B/01

Neff D76SR22N0B/01 D79SR22N0B/01 D86GR22N0B/01 D87ER22N0B/01 D89ER22N0B/01D89GR22N0B/01

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