Beko BXIF35300X Oven

Hi I need help with my Beko bxif35300x oven. I bought it a couple years ago from Currys online store. I don’t know why but the fan motor has suddenly stopped working and when I put my hand in the oven I can’t feel any air movement inside the oven.

Checked the settings and everything seems to be fine. I also made sure that the fan mode is selected but the fan just doesn’t start. What could be causing this issue, and how can I fix it? Could you help me solve the problem and find the parts I need?

Beko BBIF22300B Oven

Hi, purchased my beko bbif22300b oven about two years ago from AO and it’s been working well until recently. While using the grill to cook some steaks I noticed that the grill element wasn’t heating up properly. I’ve checked the settings and everything seems fine to me.

I’ve tried resetting the oven and even left it unplugged for a while but there was no improvement. Other functions of the oven like the fan oven and the base element seem to be working fine.

Could you help me diagnose whether the grill element is faulty or if there might be another issue? Also, if the grill element needs to be replaced, could you provide some guidance on how to do that?

Beko BBIS13400XC Oven

My Beko BBIS13400XC oven is not working on fan mode. I think it was bought from Currys and it’s not that old as I’ve only just moved into the house When I use the grill the oven heats up perfectly but when I switch to the fan oven mode there is no heat. The light is on and I can hear the fan running but the oven doesn’t get hot. It’s really annoying because I use the fan mode for most of my cooking.

Checked the settings multiple times to make sure I’m selecting the right mode. As I said the grill element and base element functions work fine so I’m not sure what’s going wrong with the fan mode. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Culina UBEMF610 Oven

Culina ubemf610 Oven fan not working need new one, I can send Photos if needed, Manufacturer AAUK LTD
Model No UBEMF610
2900W 220-240V-50/60Hz
please advise on part cost
Part number Fan
MZ-6113B3 Z.P. CL.H
50 / 60Hz 18w.

Beko BBIS25300XC Oven

Hi, I bought a Beko BB1S25300XC cooker just over a year ago from Magnet Kitchen Store when I had my new kitchen fitted. The oven worked fine until last Sunday. While doing a roast, it tripped the electricity supply. I managed to get the cooker running again, but now the main fan oven setting doesn’t work. Only the grill and a few other functions are working.

I’ve taken the cooker out of the cupboard and noticed a lot of electronic circuit boards inside when I removed the top. It’s different from my old cooker, which only had a thermostat. Could you help me diagnose the problem and identify which parts I might need? It seems there are three elements in the cooker, all connected through a switching unit and circuit board. However, I can’t find a wiring diagram or information on this cooker. Are you able to assist?

Neff B44S42N3GB/04 Single Oven

Hi Paul ,

I’m new to starting repairing white goods and i’ve spoken to you on You-Tube a month or two ago.
Do you supply a element for this model oven please,

Neff E-NR B44S42N3GB/04

Kind Regards,


Smeg SA9066XNG Cooker Oven

Really appreciate the information on your you tube channel.
We have a Smeg SA9066XNG cooker oven that is tripping the RCD when checking the resistance back to earth of top and bottom elements it gives 1.7 M ohms and 2.06 M ohms respectively.
Just wanted to verify before buying 2 new elements that these are both damaged
Any help appreciated,
Best Regards

Bosch HBL8451UC/01 Oven

Hi. My Bosch oven HBL8451UC/01 cooling fan switches on immediately when any mode is on. The problem is, it will switch off before the heat is gone and it will cause the display panel to heat up. Can you please tell me if that is a sensor or a main control panel problem ? Thank you


Hi paul, this brandt bxc6537xs oven works if earth disconnected at plug. if earth connected the oven get short..not sure if important: disconnecting the earth at the back of the oven cut off ghe electricity. I tried already increasing temperature (without earth) but no avail. plug sharing extension with microwave and blender but no problems can it be fixed? can I use it without earth? Brandt Malaysia useless..not answering my emails tia for your time

Hotpoint DHS 53 X S Oven

Hi paul hope you are having a great day. I have a problem about my Hotpoint DHS 53 X S oven. The cooling fan always stays on. I think I require thermostat if supplied separate. Could you please help?