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Test mode on Aeg, Electrolux, John Lewis, zanussi heat pump Tumble dryers

It is very difficult sometimes to diagnose the problems with these heat pump tumble dryers.
I have included a video to show you the test mode sequence and also a PDF below which I managed to obtain.
but whenever you need parts for these dryers you will need to quote your model number and also the PCN number before we can do that you to the correct part

if you are still having trouble please contact us using your full model number including the product number for help from Paul


Finding your problem with a heat pump tumble dryer can be difficult on occasions as these tumble dryers dry the clothes using Refrigeration process.

These are some of the common error codes or faults

All dryers will show the alarm code on the time to end display.

The alarm will be shown as EX Y e.g. E51E = ErrorX = alarm family Y = alarm number



Tank drain pump triac failure.


Tank drain pump triac sensing failure.


Conductimetric sensing oscillation frequency too high


Conductimetricsensing oscillation frequency.
too low


Motor triac failure.


Motor thermal cut off.


Motor triac sensing failure.


Motor jammed


Heating timeout


Compressor relay failure


Compressor automatic thermostat


Compressor sensing failure


Main Fan relay failure


Main fan automatic thermostat


Main fan sensing failure


Drying NTC1 failure


Drying NTC2 failure


Wrong selector reset position detection


Machine configuration error


Cycle Configuration error failure


Communication error between microprocessor
and external EEPROM


SCF –CTF mismatch error


Power supply frequency out of limits


Power supply voltage too high


Power supply voltage too low

Safety first! Unplug the machine from the electrical supply and make sure the machine has been idle long enough so that the heater has cooled down.


Once a year vacuum the inside taking special care on the wiring, it is very important to clean all the vent tubes on a regular basis. Clean the heat exchanger (condenser dryers only)

We hope this tutorial helped you get your tumble dryer working again!


This is Full workshop manual on these type dryers

This is what came out of one machine i serviced potential fire hazard

You will be amazed at what you find

you should clean the filter every time

16 Responses to “Heat pump tumble dryer”

  1. Rick says : Reply

    Can you send me the pdf for personal use? Thanks

  2. PANTELIS says : Reply

    I have the AEG T865901H3 and the error code is EH0 !!! HELP!!!!

  3. dave peall says : Reply

    hi can you please tell me where the dry sensor is for the AEG T56830 Lavatherm as it is not drying properly .have cleaned all the filters and the matrix and reset the sensor to the top setting buy using the Adjust ’level of dryness’
    In the programming options .many thanks Dave

  4. Rodolfo says : Reply


    Como solucionar o problema ERROR EH0?

  5. Rodolfo says : Reply

    Minha maquina está apresentando um mensagem de erro EH0 / EHO.
    Modelo: L 73480 FL
    Consegue ma ajudar.

    São Jose dos Campos – SP Brazil.
    Zaap 55 12 997921517. Help Help Help.

  6. Fredrik Björkander says : Reply

    Hello Paul!
    I will start by saying, thanks a lot for the help and the instructions you give.
    I have a very similar tumbler like the one you stripped down and showed us how to get into service mode. Mine Is a six years old Husqvarna QW9281 no 916 097 136 00. And my problem is it won’t dry our clothes. It seems that the machine don’t heat any more. It stops after an half hour and it is wet and just a hint of heat. I tested it liked you showed and got this error code E32. Have you any advice?
    Fredrik Björkander
    Sweden 🇸🇪

  7. AniA says : Reply

    Would you know by any chance where i would find TUMBLE DRYER OVERHEAT PROTECTION THERMOSTAT in model AEG T86580IH? I need to try to reset it. thank you

  8. Bill.Bruce says : Reply

    Hi Paul and good afternoon to you,

    I have a JLTDH 16 made by John Lewis.
    I don’t get any water back to the water dispenser, hence the clothes aren’t drying correctly .

    I have cleaned out all the filters and i have gone into the test mode and on,

    C2 it comes up with 111

    C 8 COMES UP WITH E 32

    C 9 comes up 111

    C 10 comes up with E 32

    I se on your error codes that E 32 is Conductimetricsensing oscillation frequency.
    too low.

    To a layman any pointers to what can be wrong, if so is it expensive for the part the tumble is 6 years old,

    Thankyou so much for tutorial on your web page i found it so interesting,

    Best Regards Bill

  9. Bill.Bruce says : Reply

    Hi again Paul,

    i just tried out my tumble dryer again and it finished with error code of E 60, with no water coming back. i took the top off previously and tried the jug of water as shown on you tutorial and the pump was returning water ok.

    Best Regards Bill

  10. dwight says : Reply

    Hi there i’m looking for the location of the NTC sensor for the AEG T885951S condenser dryer
    i also have a code coming up saying ( ren,) i can’t find any info on this code IT also said E73 ccan you help me get back to regular settings

  11. Jon Chadwick says : Reply

    Help please my Gorenje heat pump dryer model number d76sy2b doesnt want to start. It just keeps beeping 3 times when i try to start any cycle. I have checked all the obvious including the door switch. The dryer is onlyv4 years old. What could the fault be

  12. Howard Marshall says : Reply

    Hello, I have a Bosch WTW85490GB Heat Pump Tumble Dryer and the Dryer is not collecting water in the tray. Do you have the equivalent Diagnostic sequences which you showed on the AEG/John Lewis model for the Bosch machines? That would be exceedingly helpful and would in return like to buy you a Beer! Thanks Howard

  13. Donald Jaron says : Reply

    Hi. I have a Candy model CS H8A2LE-80/ heat pump dryer. I bought it new and it came with a one year warranty. Shortly after the year elapsed the dryer appeared to malfunction. There is a tank attached to the door that collects the moisture/water from the clothes as they are dryed. What happened is the water was no longer being sent to the tank. My first thought was that the line from where the water accumulates to the tank was clogged. I removed it and checked it. No clog whatsoever. After further research I figured the pump that sends the water to the tank had died. I ordered a replacement and installed it. Made no difference. What I’ve been doing in the meantime is still using the dryer. If I take the clothes from the washer after a 1500 rpm spin cycle and hang them on a line for a few hours, most of the dampness seems to dry. I then put the clothes in the dryer and run it like I did before. The dryer gets warm and does eventually dry the clothes, but still no water collects in the tank. It does, however seem to me the room where this is taking place is becoming quite humid. Well, after all, the moisture has to go somewhere. So…….it appears I have a dryer that works at removing the dampness from the clothes but, instead of collecting it in the ‘staging’ area to send it to the storage tank in the door, it just gets sent through the exhaust vent into the room. Could you please steer me in the right direction as to how I can sort this? Thank you in advance! 🙂

  14. Tony says : Reply

    Hi Paul
    I have an AEG LAVATHERM 8DEC946R Tumble Dryer and am experiencing a small amount of water appearing under the condenser which can be cleaned up with a tissue. There is no fault code appearing but as this has not happened in the four years, we have owned the dryer I am wondering if I should call out an engineer to repair the dryer if needed while it’s still under warranty. The condenser has been regularly cleaned and this has only become apparent recently.

  15. Adam says : Reply

    Hello Paul, my Candy Grand O’Vita GVHD913A2 keeps error coding E01!

    Can you help diagnose which apart is faulty please?

  16. Ann Gunnell says : Reply

    I have a Samsung “heat pump” tumble drier. Out of warranty but only 28 months old.
    I have had two engineers to look at it. Both diagnosed different parts not working??
    Eventually, the last engineer * having put in a new water pump,which made no difference,diagnosed that it was the heat pump. His attitude was the machine was “caput”.
    There was no warning on the panel.
    The clothes were not drying and the condenser was not filling up.
    Model DV80M5013QW/EU.
    Do these engineers know how to repair these “heat pump” machines.
    Please Help. I need to know if this is the right diagnoses and can it be repaired.
    Thank you

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