Bosch, Neff or Siemens Dishwasher not emptying fault E25 Error Code

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This video will show you how to clean filter and unblock the Dishwasher pump to clear the Bosch, Neff or Siemens E25 error code fault





Bosch, Neff or Siemens Dishwasher pump cover

Other type of Bosch, Neff or Siemens Dishwasher pump cover


The most common in my view is the impeller jamming on the pump normally something small like a piece of chipped china or bit of broken glass, this can be removed with tweezers or pin nose pliers. After removing it should rotate easily by hand… then you should replace the pump cover and the filter above it must be locked by aligning the blue arrows so that large bits of rubbish cannot get into the impeller again.

There are two types of pump covers one is held on with a screw and the other clips into place.


In a lot of people’s houses they have the dishwasher plumed into a sink unit and the fittings can get clogged and also blocked with fat, some have a cross inside the spigot and this gets blocked with all kinds of stuff.

When you push the dishwasher into place the pipes can get trapped and kinked so make sure that this does not happen. Sometimes the waste pipe has kinked when it was fitted and over time the dishwasher is getting worse at emptying and this is when the E25 fault starts occurring.dishwasher trapped or kinked waste hose

Bosch, Neff or Siemens Dishwasher prone to the seal failing and water can get insideThe last fault is the pump has failed or it is only working intermittently. The new type of modern pump has the armature inside the pump housing and is prone to the seal failing and water can get inside and reduce the inefficiency of the pump.




Plumbing fittings to check are shown in these photographs






clogged pipe dishwasher plumed into a sink unit


This video can be used on all these makes Airlux, ATAG, Balay, Bosch, Constructa, Gorenje, Imperial, Koenic, Kuppersbusch, Neff, Pelgrim, Pitsos, Siemens, Thermador, Tecnik, Viva, V-Zug,

145 Responses to “Bosch, Neff or Siemens Dishwasher not emptying fault E25 Error Code”

  1. Francis says :

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for coming back to me, checked the main motor, but not sure on what I am checking for? I have the Motor No. 1BE5222-2CG, which is not rotating at all, also I could hear some tapping like noise coming from the Motor. Does that mean it needs replacing? Do you stock them?

  2. Francis says :

    Hi Paul, just changed the main motor and that made no difference, any other ideas?

  3. Debbie says :

    My impeller rotates fine with no blocking yet I still get an E25 code, what else do I check??

  4. Marc says :

    Hi Paul: Thanx so much – the video made my day ????!
    Regards from Denmark, Marc

  5. Sarah hession says :

    My neff dishwasher is showing E24 error code. What does that mean and how do I repair? Many thanks

    • Ferdinando Brito says :

      E24 or E25 fault is a pump problem.
      Take the pump out to make sure there is no glass or bits of food ETC blocking the pump before spending money buying a replacement one

  6. Jenn says :

    Thanks! Worked like a charm:)

    I actually fixed something!!!

  7. Nick says :

    My Bosch SMS65E12 stops mid cycle with no error codes shown. It just switches off. It’ll run a rinse cycle and Paul has suggested that the Thermistor / NTC or thermostat might be u/s.

    I can’t find the darn thing(s)!!

    Found a USA vid of a different machine where it is buried with the circulation pump in the bottom but the SMS series is engineered slightly differently and I can’t even see how to get the plastic chassis off – if I need to 🙁

    Need help pls, pls, pls…

  8. Lauren Russell says :

    thank you just unblocked my neff dishwasher!

  9. B Wood says :

    Hi , I have a neff dishwasher that just stopped working showing 02 on the LCD screen and hadn’t emptied all the water. Checked impeller and seems ok ? Any ideas ? Thanks

  10. Rachel Lee says :

    Thanks so much for this, I watched this video and found a big chip from a plate behind the impeller. Hoping that my dishwasher will be working fine from now on!

  11. Cassandra says :

    Thank you so much for this video!! I am a first time homeowner and not very handy, but following the instructions I also found a piece of glass and my first wash cycle seems to be running fine!

  12. Rachael says :

    Paul, you are a legend! Found a bit of glass in the impeller. Feel like a right handyman. Not to mention I saved a few hundred dollars paying someone to fix it for me!
    Thank you!

  13. Steve Lajoie says :

    I got it running with your video. Another video on another website would have had me taking the dishwasher out, flipping it on it’s side and opening up the pump from the bottom!! Almost did that.

    And I almost went out an just bought a new one as long as I was going to have the old dishwasher pulled out.

    That saved me a lot of money! I finally figured out your “Buy Paul a Beer”! I’m more than glad to do that.

  14. Steve Lajoie says :

    It’s easy! First, the “Buy Paul a Beer” doesn’t work from the link in the video. Click on the blue button just below the red “Chat”.

    Step 2: be lucky enough to pick a time when Pay Pal isn’t buggy and sends you to the capcha page every time you enter your first name.


    I hope it really does get spent on a beer!

  15. Jakub says :


    my Siemens dishwasher is showing error E24 when I start it in normal mode. However, there is no water (it’s drained). Moreover, it always works in a “Vario Speed” (fast program) mode.
    So – it gives an impression that a pump is fine. What else could this be ?

    Thanks !

  16. Arno Chrispeels says :

    Thank you so much! Took 5 min. Used a wet/dry vac to empty dishwasher, then took out impeller cover, found a coffee bean, other crap down there too. Sucked it out with the vac. Done! You just saved me like 150.00. Thank you.

  17. Justin Shore says :

    Replaced the drain pump, new pump is quieter, but doing the same thing. Kicks on for four seconds or so, then stops. Tries 5 times, then goes to E25 code. Drain line is completely clear and no kinked. No filters in it at the moment to restrict any clean water flow. Any other ideas what’s causing it to think that it’s not able to drain?

  18. Nancy Peterson says :

    AMAZING!!! I can’t believe I am my own dishwasher repairwoman now! This video was amazing and so accurate and informative down to the “T”! We were out of town for a week and I was sure I had started my dishwasher as I was going out the door 2 weeks ago. When I opened the door after dinner last evening, pee-u!! It was wet on the inside and there was a nasty smelling pool of water on the bottom! YUK! After trying the usuals – turn off and back on . . . shut the door a little more firmly . . stomp a foot and breathe harder . . . I resorted to my 2nd best friend – Google – and found this video. As I worked through “E-25” with the gentleman with the lovely accent – every step happened exactly as he said it would (that never happens!) , and rather than assuming it was just the filter, I went all the way with the video and my pursuit revealed almost exactly what the video revealed – not a clear piece of glass, but a white piece from a ceramic something!! Voila’. I did it!! Thank you THANK YOU!!!!

  19. Tom T says :

    Thanks for the video worked for me chip from a plate

  20. Richard says :

    E25 error code on Bosch dishwasher – worth taking the pump out (2nd video) if the first doesn’t work – found a rubber band entwined around the impeller shaft! Can send a picture if you like!

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