Condenser Tumble Dryer how to replace the pump unit.

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Condenser Tumble Dryer Keeps Showing Empty Light and Not Turning.


If your Condenser Tumble Dryer keeps showing the empty light and the tumble dryer will not start then this video will teach you how to replace the pump unit.

This video will show you how to replace a Condenser Tumble Dryer pump and float switch system when the water light stays on.
How to fix & replace the pump unit on Ariston, Export, Hotpoint-Ariston, Hotpoint, Indesit Tumble Dryers.

On condensers dryer the main difference is that the moist air will pass over a condenser (hence the name of condenser dryer) which will condense the water and pump or drain that water to a tank which can then later be emptied.

When the tank is full the empty light comes on, and the machine will not start until emptied or if the pump unit is not working correctly this will also cause the tumble dryer to stop working.

The pump unit normally has a float system with a micro switch. And an electrical pump which is activated by the float switch when the water level rises. Some tumble dryers have these pumps running constantly.

These pump units can clog and on allot of appliance the floats start to jam because the polystyrene float designates over a period of time.



14 Responses to “Condenser Tumble Dryer how to replace the pump unit.”

  1. Razvan says : Reply

    Hi i have a tumble dryer hotpoint ctd 40 i change the water pump and the micro switch but still no water in the compartment… Down where the pump is , is full with water and the empty light it’s coming on but the tumble dryer is still runing andis drying the clothes. Please help me. Thanks

  2. Amy says : Reply

    Hi my hotpoint condensers empty light is on but tray is empty and its not heating up either 🙁 help!!!

  3. MURAD says : Reply

    HI, Thank you for the useful information, i have similar problem with different kind on indesit, i believe it is the same problem. could be something else?

  4. Penny Butler says : Reply

    hotpoint condenser dryer empty water light won’t go off and dryer won’t start .. checked float is ok , so ordered a new pump .. fitted this and it still won’t work ? the light is still flashing and beeping ???

  5. sean says : Reply

    hi i have a White Knight C77AS the red light stays on at front but wont start the water reservoir is empty help please its driving me mad

    • Ferdinando Brito says : Reply

      Hi Sean, double check the water dispensor is pushed all the way in as there is a switch that is pushed on and off by the dispensor. If not the switch may be faulty.

  6. david fraser says : Reply

    should the pump always be working or should the float only turn it on at a certain level ?
    I had a mashed up rubber impeller and replaced it , the water pumps out to the drawer now but it sounds like the pump is always spinning now and im guessing thats not right .

  7. Stephen says : Reply

    Hi, I have an hotpoint condenser dryer TCHL 73BRP. When I switch the dryer on it runs for about a minute then the red light come on indicating empty water, only the tank is empty. On watching your video, it seems the pump requires replacing?
    How much is the pump assembly?


  8. Karen says : Reply

    I have an Ariston condenser tumble dryer which I have only used once in 14 years (and that was 14 years ago)I tried to use it recently and the empty water light is on. There is definitely no water in it. Is it possible things have seized up?

    Thank you.

  9. Anna says : Reply

    Hello, I have a Swan STC407W condenser tumble dryer. The empty light is on but the water tray is empty plus its stopped heating up. What can I do? or does this mean a new tumble dryer.

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